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Annotated Prison Writings and an Oscar Wilde What If?

Recently I started reading The Annotated Prison Writing of Oscar Wilde edited by Nicholas Frankel. It reminded me of what led me on my Oscar’s Ghost journey to begin with: my fascination with Wilde’s

3 hours ago

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Jean Dupoirier One of the Unsung Heroes of the Oscar Wilde Story

In March 1898, Oscar Wilde wore out his welcome at another hotel where he had failed to pay his bill. He moved to the Hotel D’Alsace run by Jules Dupoirier. For a debtor in disreputable exile he was a

1 day ago

Oscar Wilde Oscar's Ghost Outtakes

Re-Learning to Not Speak

There was a poem by Marge Piercy that I responded to when I read it in college. It was called “Unlearning to Not Speak.” (I recalled the title as “Unlearning Not to Speak.”) An excerpt: Phrases of men

1 day ago

Conformity censorship Bullies and Trolls

Review of the Film “The Happy Prince”

Finally, “The Happy Prince” has come to Michigan. First, I must congratulate Rupert Everett for taking this project on in the first place. Oscar Wilde has inspired an entire industry of books, journal

2 days ago

Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde film Robert Ross

Someone Tried to Use My Humorous Book to Prove Global Warming is Good For You

Like many writers, I have enough of an ego to want to know when one of my books gets a mention somewhere. I was surprised today when I got an alert saying that one of my older books The 100 Most Dange

6 days ago

Risk 100 Most Dangerous Things