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Happy Anniversary Oscar’s Ghost

I was reminded today, by one of those Facebook nostalgia videos, that it is the one year anniversary of the release of Oscar’s Ghost. If you’ve been holding off on buying Oscar’s Ghost because of the

4 weeks ago

Oscar's Ghost

Writers’ Existential Crises

…Spotting a used copy of your book listed online described as having a gift inscription… and having that described as damage that lessens the value. Advertisements

4 weeks ago

Writing Failure

Northern Exposure and Nostalgia for Places You’ve Never Been Before

  Yesterday, on our travels, we had the opportunity to stop in Roslyn, WA where the exteriors of the television series Northern Exposure were shot. The famous mural that the moose strolled past in the

08/12/2018 01:17:16 PM

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Does Art Belong to Its Audience or Its Creator?

…For many other artists, however, the arts network proves an unmitigated disaster. Sometimes it’s just that the freewheeling thought patterns that lead to artmaking don’t lead as gracefully to tidy re

08/11/2018 01:29:28 PM

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It’s OK Not to Excel and Other Pep Talks

There is a well known writer who has lately been getting a lot of attention on twitter posting threads about how you’re a “real writer” regardless of what you write, regardless of whether it is publis

07/29/2018 02:10:04 AM

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