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Civil Rights is the Issue

Sexual harassment allegations continue to dominate the news. I applaud the social movement to change our culture on this issue, but there is something in our national discourse that has been troubling

4 days ago

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A Quite Interesting Question: Do Americans Have an Inferiority Complex?

When I was a Freshman in college one of my professors thought it would be clever to open his first class with a question. “Does anyone here have an inferiority complex?” From my seat in the back row I

5 days ago

Culture Humor

Undercover Boss and Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”

This morning I read The Guardian’s “Michael Rosen rewrites A Christmas Carol for modern age of austerity.” Rosen, a children’s author, explained his motivation for updating Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

6 days ago

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“One of the Most Fascinating Gay Love Stories”

The Guardian today published a joint review of Nicholas Frankel’s The Unrepentant Years and my own Oscar’s Ghost. Colm Tóibín called Oscar’s Ghost “a fascinating account of the feud between Robert Ros

1 week ago

lgbt Oscar's Ghost

The Battle for Oscar Wilde’s Legacy

Thank you to Jacke Wilson for having me on the wonderful History of Literature Podcast.  Really an excellent interview and great to speak to someone so knowledgeable about literature. You can stream o

1 week ago

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