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“Beautifully Written and Quietly Moving”

What a lovely review of the novel Angel I just stumbled upon in USA Today’s “Happy Ever After” blog. Beautifully written and quietly moving, Angel is an introspective book about discovering the many f

1 day ago

Angel (Novel)

Rupert Everett’s Depiction of Wilde’s Last Years in “The Happy Prince”

I am looking forward to Rupert Everett’s new film “The Happy Prince,” which tells the story of Oscar Wilde’s last years. It has a distributor and is “coming soon” but so far I’ve only had the opportun

2 days ago

Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde Oscar's Ghost Robert Ross Love and Money

If I Ran a News Channel

I have a pet peeve. I cannot stand the expression “the other side.” By that I mean when people on television talk about political issues and describe a group of people as “the other side,” generally a

6 days ago

politics Single Story journalism Polarization

The Three Plots of Romantic Comedies

The home page of You Tube suggested this video to me, and who am I to argue with an algorithm?  I watched it. I’m sharing it here basically for the first few seconds in which Bill Maher describes the

1 week ago

Fiction Story Telling Identity Theft (Novel) Happy End

Straight Authors, Gay Characters. The Case of “Call Me By Your Name.”

The other day I watched the film Call Me By Your Name.  Whenever I see a film based on a novel, I am curious to know more about the book, which brought me to this clip in which The Advocate interviews

1 week ago

Fiction Writing lgbt identity