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Don't Trust Your Instincts, or, "Well-Meaning People Can Exacerbate Big Problems"

My evangelical friends talk about being "convicted." That moment when you hear or read a message and like an arrow, it dives into your heart, and you know that you have been guilty, and you have some

2 days ago

Self-Differentiation Boundaries Systems Theory Emotional Maturity

Look, Spaghetti Arms, This is Self-Differentiation

Self-differentiation is a building block of being a whole person in Bowen Systems Theory, and in my opinion, the key to a lot of personal peace. Here, let me get a Professor of Self-differentiation to

1 week ago

Self-Differentiation Boundaries Systems Theory

Whole Church Worship

TL;dr -- Our church does "Whole Church Worship," or "All Ages Are Together for the Whole Service, Every Service, Every Week." I've been getting a lot of questions about this. Here are some answers. Pr

2 weeks ago

Intergenerational Whole Church Worship

Bringing "Tolerance" Back

A few years ago, "tolerance" fell out of favor. It was during excitement about marriage equality and the feeling that we were on a progressive, inclusive arc. Who wants to be tolerated? we said. We wa

3 weeks ago


Two Words to Help You Have Better Conversations in a UU Church

"I Believe...." "I believe" are two words we need to hear more of in UU churches .... I believe. First, wouldn't it be great to be having more of the deep conversations about meaning, God, Spirit, pur

08/21/2018 09:11:00 AM

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