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WWDY: March for Science Edition

What We Did Yesterday: Filed under: education, enviornment, family, nature, pagan parenting, paganism, parenting, politics, protest, science Tagged: #marchforscience, #scienceactivism, …<p>Continue re

1 day ago

Paganism Feminism parenting Family activism Nature Education politics science protest pagan parenting enviornment #marchforscience #scienceactivism conservation women in science

Sunday Musings: Science & Politics & Anger Edition

  “The work of a scientist is often unglamorous. Behind every headline-making, cork-popping, blockbuster discovery, there are many lifetimes of …<p>Continue reading →

3 weeks ago


Definition by Metaphor

…Useful if you don’t take yourself too seriously.  If you take yourself too seriously, you might be offended.  Then again, …<p>Continue reading →

03/18/2017 07:38:54 PM

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