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A bit of a rant on the “War on Christians”

The idea of the “War on Christianity” is something I find quite funny. When I hear it, I automatically think …<p>Continue reading →

05/21/2017 03:05:55 PM

Paganism Religion Pagan Christianity opinion

Explaining that Pagan thing…

A couple years ago (5 or 6 to be precise), I wrote a blog post* about how to explain Paganism …<p>Continue reading →

05/06/2017 05:00:02 PM


WWDY: March for Science Edition

What We Did Yesterday: Filed under: education, enviornment, family, nature, pagan parenting, paganism, parenting, politics, protest, science Tagged: #marchforscience, #scienceactivism, …<p>Continue re

04/24/2017 08:34:36 PM

Paganism Feminism parenting Family activism Nature Education politics science protest pagan parenting enviornment #marchforscience #scienceactivism conservation women in science