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Mystery solved (maybe)

Everyone wants to know what Vladimir Putin has on Trump. Maybe we’re over-thinking this. But first, just to get you in the mood, how about a nice cup of Russian Tea? Easy to make, tastes good and most

19 hours ago


The making of a new word?

Let’s face it. Every week in the news is amazing/unbelievable/frightening/weird/fake/mind-boggling, etc. President Trump walked in front of the queen but that wasn’t surprising. (Think his America Fir

4 days ago


You know that guy?

You have a get together for members of your neighborhood. Through years of diligence and hard work, this is a safe neighborhood. Occasionally there are problems with a few visitors from outside but yo

6 days ago


The road downhill

These past weeks have felt like an old movie, Experiment in Terror. (Ross Martin is a killer who continually calls and threatens Lee Remick, a bank teller. If she doesn’t steal money from her bank, he

1 week ago

Families Belong Together

The big day

Are you going? The lead partners of this action are calling upon participants to wear white—as a striking visual symbol that will also connect attendees in solidarity to each-other and channel histori

2 weeks ago

social justice Families Belong Together