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Hold My Hand

Chaplaincy. Graduation. Process. Skid marks. Chickenman, hold my hand.... Continue reading →

1 week ago


June Already

I went four months again without blogging. Oops. These things happen. My purposeful reflection – and my writing time and my personal energy – have been tied up in a mix of transitional things: finishi

06/03/2018 10:05:30 PM



The suitcases are unpacked. One of them isn’t back in the basement yet, but they are unpacked. I have washed three loads of laundry today. One of them is still in the dryer. I put some of my “travel k

01/15/2018 07:46:56 PM


2017: Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya…

It hardly seems worth the pixels to write a summary for a year when I’ve written one and a half blog posts, at all. But it’s been like that. So like that. Since the non-cancer diagnosis in late Octobe

12/31/2017 10:28:53 PM


October again.

It does this every year, you know. October, I mean. Somehow without my turning the crank the summer goes from green to golden to a glorious flash of red and orange and then scatters on the wind, leavi

10/21/2017 04:44:12 PM