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Sitting in a Bland Funeral Thinking About What We Should Do For Our Dead

We’ve all heard someone say “funerals are for the living.” No. This is sacrilege. This is a Protestant and humanist idea that has no place in Paganism and polytheism. Funerals are for the community, w

13 hours ago

Paganism Pagan Spiritual practice polytheism funerals Druid's Vow Pagan funerals

Why Would Anyone Take an Oath to a God?

Taking oaths is among the most serious and most personal of personal religious decisions you’ll ever have to make – I can’t tell you what to do. But I can tell you I’ve sworn oaths to three different

2 days ago

Paganism Pagan gods and goddesses polytheism Cernunnos Morrigan Danu oaths oath pagan oaths

8 Things to do for Mabon as a Solitary Pagan

Many traditional activities for Mabon are designed for large groups, but many Pagans are solitary practitioners, either by choice or by necessity. Here are eight things you can do to celebrate the Aut

4 days ago

Paganism Pagan Spiritual practice Mabon Autumn Equinox Persephone Fall Equinox Culhwch and Olwen

Their Ways Are Not Our Ways: A Warning And A Call

I have a message for those who feel the call to mystical and ecstatic practice, and for those who are contemplating taking an oath to a deity: if you can do anything else, do it. Their ways are not ou

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan gods and goddesses mysticism polytheism Teresa of Avila Morrigan ecstatic practice

Enough With the Mabon Hate!

The name of the Autumn Equinox has changed many times, and it can change again. But if it does, it will be because enough people flock to a new name, not because Mabon gets shouted down on the interne

1 week ago

Paganism Pagan community Mabon Autumn Equinox Aidan Kelly Fall Equinox Gleichentag