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Developing Power in Paganism and Witchcraft

Power is necessary, and power is corrupting. Power can be used to build a better world, and it can be used to oppress the weak. Seeking power for the sake of power rarely ends well, but a quest to dev

14 hours ago

Paganism Pagan Spiritual practice Power Mat Auryn Woods Wizard

Building Your Own Liturgical Calendar

If you’re lucky enough to belong to a tradition that already has a liturgical calendar, observe it with gratitude and enthusiasm. But if you don’t, build your own. It will help you deepen your worship

2 days ago

Paganism Pagan Holidays Spiritual practice polytheism pagan festivals Wheel of the Year holy days liturgical calendar

How I Know My Paganism Is Real: 8 Key Events

These are the key events on my Pagan journey that caused me to change my foundational assumptions about the world and the way it works. I know my Paganism is real, but I do not insist you take my word

5 days ago

Paganism Uncategorized Pagan polytheism Cernunnos Denton CUUPS initiation epistemology

Paganism as an Orientation

What if our Paganism isn’t simply a random choice or the product of our environment, but an orientation – an integral part of who and what we are?

1 week ago

Paganism Theology Pagan John Michael Greer Heron Michelle orientation Page duBois

Get Over Your Fear of Religion!

All some people seem to want is a vague and trite spirituality that makes them feel good and tells them everything’s going to be OK whether it really is or not. But if you want a deep spiritual practi

1 week ago

Paganism Religion Theology Pagan polytheism Deepak Chopra spiritual but not religious