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Mystery Pals Starting Soon

Sometimes I hear from congregants that they don’t see the kids, or don’t think we have any kids here. Many wish to feel themselves part of a vibrant, vital, growing community, but when they look aroun

01/22/2018 07:29:11 PM


Giving Makes Us Happy

Last Sunday we got cozy with some quilts from my home and read the story The Quiltmaker’s Gift and I asked the kids “why is this a good story for Thanksgiving weekend?” Answers they had: It’s about be

11/28/2017 01:26:02 PM


Re-Thinking Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving this week! Here is our congregational group at the county Food Bank last Saturday, volunteering to help pack Thanksgiving Dinners. Hundreds of Dinners are handed out each year by th

11/21/2017 02:25:25 PM


A healing congregation

The theme for November is Healing, and so yesterday in the elementary grades class we had our wonderful volunteer Parish Nurse in as a guest speaker, explaining what she does as parish nurse for our c

11/13/2017 07:28:19 PM


Talking About Kids and Money

Tonight we held a parent discussion circle at OUUC based on the book The Opposite of Spoiled. The reason for the selection of this book was based on our current Middle School program, which will start

10/26/2017 12:44:19 AM