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An Accessibility Audit

The theme this month is Courage, and in our religious education classes we are exploring many different kinds of courage. This last Sunday our example of courage was Christopher Reeve, a UU, a “Super

3 days ago


The Light of Our Heritage

When the children are invited to leave the worship service for a religious education class on Sunday mornings (if they wish, they are also welcome to stay in the worship service), I invite the childre

1 week ago


Connection to the Seasons

  Unitarian Universalists don’t have the strong liturgical calendar that other traditions use to order their years. And, while I don’t want to anchor the whole religious experience of a year in the st

3 weeks ago


High School Group Start-Up

  Our High School group had a lovely kick-off to the new program year. Youth gathered to start creating a collaborative work of art on the group’s Chalice for the year, creating a covenant, and making

09/16/2017 10:00:32 PM


Collaborative Planning Party

This evening we had a first for us, as these wonderful folks gathered to brainstorm and dig into ideas for how our monthly themes can become classroom stories and activities for the kids. The idea for

09/08/2017 01:42:02 AM