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Family Conversation Game

Family Conversation About Prophetic People Game   Materials needed: print out of board and cards, dice, and player tokens (coins or push pins or anything that fits). Directions: Print out the “board”

1 week ago


Family Chapel

The title of a program called “Religious Education” may imply that the primary activity is educational and classroom instruction-based, and that the task is to learn about religion. This is only parti

09/04/2018 04:25:30 PM


Middle School Plans for 2018-2019

Last Saturday we had a wonderful Middle School Group party at a local park. The Middle School grades have a lot to look forward to this year, with Neighboring Faiths/Building Bridges as their Sunday p

08/21/2018 12:40:55 PM


Chalice Camp Was Great!

    We’ve just completed our annual week long day camp, called “Chalice Camp”. It’s for 5 to 10 year old kids, and it was a great week of fun, games, making new friends, learning new songs, exploring

07/29/2018 11:35:45 AM


Our 7th Principle and Caring for the Web of Life

Our elementary grade kids have been exploring our Web of Life and how to Care for It. Check out their video! Web of Life Project 2018 from Olympia Unitarian Universalist on Vimeo.   Advertisements

06/12/2018 01:28:25 PM