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Old Dreams and New Realities

Listening to the politicians and advisers orbiting Trump as they enable, justify and excuse his “policies” reminds me of the fact that there is nothing broken or dysfunctional in our government. What

2 weeks ago

politics race equity Memphis Government Martin Luther King Jr. Thomas Jefferson US Constitution @michaelharriot

Male Illness not Mental Illness

Another unarmed man shot for being black and having something in his hands.  Again, police feeling threatened and ending a life with no proof or cause. #StephonClark #SayHisName The problem is guns. I

4 weeks ago

Culture sexuality justice bodies Women's rights Gun Control Male Identity #BrockTurner #DylannRoof #nicholascruz #StephenPaddock #StephonClark police brutality

Black in White Spaces

Yesterday, I offered a message at First Parish in Cambridge based on my thoughts around being black in white spaces.  In January, I consciously chose not to mention Black History Month until the very

02/26/2018 08:34:11 AM

Religion Unitarian Universalism racism race First Parish Cambridge Black History Month


This morning, I could write about the sickness of gun culture. I could write about the incompetent presidential administration. I could write about another nation working to sew discord in ours. I cou

02/21/2018 08:39:29 AM

Unitarian Universalism Social Media violence @BLUU People of Color DRUUMM

Guns and Economics

Dear Senator Elizabeth Warren, As one of your constituents, I want to publicly and directly call for your help.  Not just as a passionate reformer and advocate but as someone who intimately understand

02/16/2018 09:46:22 AM

politics economics bodies equity economic justice Gun Control Government @sensanders @senwarren gun violence #guncontrolnow @billgates @elonmusk @jeffbezos @tim_cook international economies UN Sanctions