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Rolling Stones UUP 4/16/17

  What an effort it must have been To climb down from that cross So many centuries ago They thought you were dead forever It certainly looked like that You’d prayed your last prayer Healed your last l

6 days ago

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My rage flows boundless From the molten core of my heart.   How long Will this go on? How much Can one soul take?   Ancient as the earth The pain of war Relentless as the wind The chains that hold us

1 week ago

Unitarian Universalism Poetry Religion and Spirituality Rage

Morning Light

There is a special quality of light As a new day dawns The shadows are still dark Danger can lurk undisclosed   But every budding leaf Of each new tree is also revealed Dew sparkles like shattered gla

2 weeks ago

Unitarian Universalism Poetry

Your Money and Your Life UUP 4/2/17

  Draw the circle wide, that is what our faith is about isn’t it?  We try to welcome all to the circle of this congregation and this faith.  We try to pay attention to those who have been marginalized

2 weeks ago

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Why Religious Community? UUP 3/19/17

    The words church and God in the reading may have made some of you uncomfortable. Listen to your discomfort. It can be a good thing.  In the story I told the children, I imagine the person who was

03/19/2017 03:21:44 PM

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