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Don’t follow me on Instagram

Right now, in the flesh, I’m wearing a lot of makeup and constantly drawing the curtains. I’m fine, it’ll pass. But you can still catch me in a highly censored way on social media, that is, when I’m n

10 hours ago

personal Dystopia


Every now and then I imagine how it could be so different. Word on the internet is that we have a military-heavier, social welfare-lighter budget. I’m dismayed with the HUD cuts. I’m dismayed with the

1 week ago

Dystopia Social Justice Commentary

Getting Kicked Out of The Croatian Club

I want to tell you this story because it’s so Buffalo, and Buffalo is the unifying theme of my life right now. Buffalo isn’t my hometown. I grew up two hours away, meaning I have a very similar cultur

1 week ago

personal Buffalo

limits of my power

I keep asking myself, over and over again: What can I do? Who do I do it with? What can I accomplish, with this increasingly diminished amount of energy? And I look on the margins of what I already do

2 weeks ago

Dystopia Social Justice Commentary

the same mistake

I tend to overestimate the amount of weight I can comfortably carry. As long as I can stand with the combination of children, backpack, or grocery bags on my body, I do. I decide the discomfort is tem

02/20/2017 02:52:50 PM

personal Lessons Learned The Hard Way