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the same mistake

I tend to overestimate the amount of weight I can comfortably carry. As long as I can stand with the combination of children, backpack, or grocery bags on my body, I do. I decide the discomfort is tem

1 day ago

personal Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Agnostic’s Prayer

When I was young, and Catholic, and learning the world was awful, I leaned into two things to be OK with it. 1) God is going to bring justice in the afterlife. 2) The belief that I could have some … C

6 days ago

personal Unitarian Universalism/Faith


Today is Valentine’s Day. So I gave some of my blood away. Seemed reasonable enough, and I’m fine. My blood is A+, which I choose to interpret as it being excellent. I’ve donated a lot, enough to only

1 week ago

personal Dystopia

the cause ain’t lost if you’re still pursuing it

“Fear makes you do the wrong things.” –my next door neighbor “Trust that you can cope.” –my closest friend Buffalo had its “Ferguson”. There were protests. I decided to go. My professional networks ha

1 week ago

Dystopia Buffalo


I impulsively quit drinking and coffee. These are things that have made the people close to me do a double-take. Coffee and drinks-consumed-in-moderation were kind of my favorites, things I appreciate

2 weeks ago