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I walk alone at night to resist the patriarchy, and all of the discourse that suggests my most feminine trait is being a target for violence. These memes create expectations. Fear becomes the expected

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My love for you is water, and I am not sure that is good. It flows, it rushes, and it makes up most of what am I am and facilitates all of what I do. It has beauty. It can … Continue reading →

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“And if we’ve come a long way Then I suspect it’s sideways Further from our origin No closer to our destination.” -Dessa, “Mineshaft” We want the road we’re walking on to be the one that leads to wher

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Power in my religious community

White supremacy is like a field: easier to recognize when you’re looking at it from far away, harder to see it when you’re hopping from blade of grass to blade of grass. Is this just grass, or is this

03/31/2017 07:21:10 PM

Unitarian Universalism/Faith

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Right now, in the flesh, I’m wearing a lot of makeup and constantly drawing the curtains. I’m fine, it’ll pass. But you can still catch me in a highly censored way on social media, that is, when I’m n

03/24/2017 08:28:46 PM

personal Dystopia