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Asparagus Drama

I am trying to catch up on my blogging about all the garden excitement last week, but then we had some more drama this week.  On Saturday, I was able to plant the second asparagus bed, along the side

1 day ago

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To Be of Use

One evening, during my first year in college, my best friend Lori and I were sitting in the quiet candlelit chapel of our campus. A few other people were also there, scattered about the pews. I rememb

3 days ago

spirituality Ministry health Mystery Awake to Mystery blessing Ocean River Limitations

Planting the Orchard

The new trees are here!  Once the frost was off the morning, I went out and started planting.  I took the eight bare root trees out of the box first and letting their roots soak in fish/seaweed soluti

1 week ago

spirituality Earth Awake to Earth Garden Orchard Holistic Orchard Blueberries Peach Tree Apple Tree Hazelnut Mulberry Tree

Asparagus Beds

Our plants from Fedco are being delivered some time today!  And, I still have to dig the beds for the 25 asparagus plants.  I started the other day, by turning over the soil behind the house, and gett

1 week ago

spirituality Earth Awake to Earth Garden trees Asparagus Planting

Planting Peas

Friday, March 30, on the day before the full moon, I planted 32 sugar snap peas in the garden bed that I created last fall.  It seems early, but the ground was workable, and I set up the string trelli

2 weeks ago

spirituality Permaculture Awake to Earth Rain barrels Garden Earth Community moon Sugan Snap Peas