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We Waited for You

If our loved ones wait for us in heaven, are we also greeted by those we have harmed? December 1st was World AIDS Day, and I couldn’t help but think of over one hundred thousand Americans who died of

1 week ago

Universalism cartoon heaven hell Awake to Mystery Awake to Each Other AIDS World AIDS Day ACT-UP George H.W. Bush Judgement Marshall Ramsey

Winter Kale

I just have to say it once more:  kale is amazing! I picked this kale yesterday morning, leaves frozen on the stalk, snow on the ground.  I had already picked most of the kale–just leaving a few tiny

1 week ago

spirituality winter Awake to Earth Earth Community Kale Sun Plants Frost

I Walk in Passamaquoddy

I have had the privilege of studying Wabanaki Languages this fall, taught by Roger Paul. For me it has been a small way to begin to decolonize my mind–to begin to think differently.  Our final project

1 week ago

spirituality animals Birds Awake to Earth Awake to Each Other Garden Walk Woodchuck Wabanaki Decolonization Ducks crows Turkey Squirrel Passamaquoddy

100 Ways to Support Native People

I want to repost this excellent article, by Simon Moya-Smith, which you can read by following the link below: 100 Ways to Support—Not Appropriate From—Native People It starts: November is Native Ameri

3 weeks ago

spirituality thanksgiving native american allies Awake to Each Other cultural appropriation Indigenous Native American Heritage Month

Squirrel Highway

One thing I love about the snow is how it reveals the lives of our animal neighbors. Here is a squirrel highway, a path between two mounds.  Now, I had actually helped to create that path the day befo

3 weeks ago

spirituality Awake to Earth Garden Food Forest Gift deer snow Neighbor Squirrel Wood Chips Tracks