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Feelings Metaphors Body

Embodiment, part 2 The great philosopher and psychologist William James published an influential paper in 1884 called “What Is an Emotion?” “In this paper James put forth the theory that standard emot

1 week ago


Centering I

Life for black Americans is considerably harsher than it is for white Americans -- to a degree largely invisible to many white people. That reality was particularly driven home for me in an NPR report

1 week ago


Mind and Body: Different?

Embodiment, part 1 Mind and body, body and mind. Our common sense understanding tells us these are two different things. But I don’t trust common sense. I’ve been told that this is a sour grapes attit

2 weeks ago


Thirty-four Questions

Today was the Second Annual Question Box Sunday -- a service on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year's where all present are invited to write a question on an index card. Ushers collected the car

2 weeks ago


A Statement of Conscience

Income Inequality, part 3 “The unease we feel about the loss of social values and the way we are drawn into the pursuit of material gain is often experienced as if it were a purely private ambivalence

3 weeks ago

Income Inequality