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November 22–Faith: Distributed Trust

I have written here that faith is trust.  I have also written that faith may be more useful to us as a verb than as a noun:  to place one’s heart upon something, to engage in life in the present … Con

13 hours ago

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November 21–Faith: Now

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha I find in many Buddhist teachings something that strikes me as “how to practice faith.” Faith

1 day ago

faith UU 4th Principle

November 20–Faith: Trusting the Darkness

The days are growing darker as we enter into winter.  I feel the darkness speaking to us. In darkness, edges and definitions disappear.  When I get up in the dark morning, the edges that define shoes

2 days ago

faith UU 4th Principle

November 17 – Faith: Being More

Daily I wrestle with the feeling that the state of the world I see before me is all there is.  Daily, I doubt my ability to have an impact Is this reality, or is this a perception of my own … Continue

5 days ago


November 16–Faith: Religious coinage?

I am wondering if I didn’t grow up in a world that essentially turned things like faith, hope, grace and truth into items of transaction–almost a religious capitalism. Each of these words, in my exper

6 days ago

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