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I’m a Fan of Fans

I’m a fan of fans and air conditioning.  Although, this time of night I might leave the windows open if we didn’t live in town on the first floor. 

8 hours ago


Aunt Viv’s Homestyle Cooking ****

It’s extremely rare to find excellent soul food. Most especially if you live in Maine. It is one of the things I looked forward to in Connecticut.  I went to the very well regarded Sylvia’s I think in

1 day ago


Zoo, Ren Faire and Maine Oh My! 

I’m sleepy tired. Fun to play games tonight with Lanna.  Looking forward to using my early birthday present of a 2 year membership to the Beardsley Zoo tomorrow or Wednesday.  And going to the Midsumm

2 days ago


The Dangers of Kitties and Shorts

Lenny kicking my foot in the chair Squiggy moving his paws around.  Difficulty napping with Squigman there.  It’s nice to have shorts this time of year but they have disadvantages. 

3 days ago


Squiggy on My Arm

Squiggy is adorable and has decided laying on my left arm in the armchair is super comfortable.  It’s usually adorable and comfortable but can be awkward if I want to eat or something.  I’m extremely

4 days ago