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Spotlight ***1/2

A very well made movie. An incredibly sad story.  It’s unbelievable how long the cover-up for sexual abuse happened in the Catholic Church.  I’m glad the Boston Globe uncovered it. I wish the Catholic

13 hours ago


WordPress App Fail

My WordPress app isn’t working and the kitty (Lenny) on my leg is wicked comfy so just going to do my blogpost on Facebook tonight. I really generally like the WordPress app and do most of my blogging

1 day ago

The Blog

Some Are More Equal Than Others

Yesterday, I went to the Rebellious Lawyering Conference at Yale Law School. The excellent closing keynote by Purvi Shah talked about although the law says it’s equal, it’s designed to help the people

2 days ago


Rebellious Lawyering Conference

I went to the Rebellious Lawyering Conference today at Yale Law School. It was mostly law students from the northeast an amazing 1200 registrants.  It’s great to see so many young lawyers interested i

3 days ago


What If … Law School

I think of what ifs a lot. It’s one of my things.  My parents actively discouraged me to go to law school and encouraged the MBA.  I don’t know if law school would have worked out but the MBA has not

4 days ago