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Car Repair Blues

The windshield wipers stopped work for Lanna, my wife, on I-91 just south of Northampton, Massachusetts on Saturday night. Unfortunately, it was raining.  Fortunately, we have AAA Plus and could get u

18 hours ago


The Sandman *****

A month of epic epicness.  I see now why many consider the decade that Neil Gaiman creating the Sandman his finest work.  So much mythology. So much richness. So many stories.  I flew through the last

1 day ago


Congratulations, Martin Truex Jr. 

Great race for the Monster Series Cup Championship in NASCAR.  So much adversity. A team member who died. The race team owner who just had a heart attack two weeks ago. A long term girlfriend with can

2 days ago


Old Phones

I have a Galaxy S4 and it’s been acting clunky for a while.  It’s actually my wife’s old phone mine died already when I was trying to pick her up at the airport a few months ago.  I just keep getting

3 days ago


Yale Harvard Glee Club Concert

Me and Lanna made a great decision tonight to attend the Yale Harvard Glee Club concert which has been a tradition before the Big Game for decades. And I think I enjoyed this more than I would the foo

4 days ago