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It’s Nice to Be Home

After going out two straight nights it’s really nice to be home.  It’s also so much easier to see a show in Fairfield then NYC.  And I should definitely see more line music in the future.  Are any ear

9 hours ago


Fishbone (Live) *****

It’s amazing how much joy you can get from live music. Dancing, smiling, feeling it in your soul.  Absolutely incredible almost three hour set in Fairfield, CT tonight. I forgot how amazing the bass p

1 day ago


Getting Into the City is Exhausting

I saw a great show based on Mad Libs called Villain DeBlanks at Feinstein’s 54 Below.  It was a lot of fun. But New York is both so close and so far away.  With getting to Grand Central, taking the tr

2 days ago


All the Drugs

Like a lot of people, I take quite a few medications and set them once a week.  For me that’s Tuesday.  And I am glad I have good insurance through my wife’s company.  Some are really important to me

3 days ago


Spring is here

The snow melts The sun out past seven, Daylight is saved.  Lenny is still frisky Naps in a chair are wonderful,  Although three hours can mess up your back.  Spring is here.  May the green ones and th

4 days ago