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Bears vs. Babies

Super fun little game with artwork from the Oatmeal. Way more interesting than Exploding Kittens.  The NSFW expansion loves dildos.  Fun mechanic, although after three games we wanted to play somethin

19 hours ago



I went to a writer’s group tonight. Did a ten minute prompt. Heard some stuff. Read some haiku.  I do blog every day but I tend to edit rarely. It’s something I need to work on. With blogging everyday

1 day ago


Trying Three Good Things

I just had an old work friend who tried doing three (just three I do around 12-15) good things everyday on Facebook for 180 days.  It’s a great practice and you certainly don’t have to share it online

2 days ago


I Want to Read All the Things

I finished Sherman Alexie’s excellent “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” yesterday. It was funny, touching, emotional and real. Also the drawings really added to the story. I then went

3 days ago


Turn Left, Turn Left

I’m not sure why but I really enjoy NASCAR.  It’s certainly more enjoyable than Formula One, because there actually is a lot of passing.  Also strategies in when to pit. Different kinds of tracks. Bet

4 days ago