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Kitty Wake Up Calls

I love my cats. And I wasn’t even mad to get woken up at 6:30 am. I know they need to eat.But, the 9:30 am was annoying when I wanted to sleep in.I did anyway and probably ended up sleeping later than

18 hours ago


One Mississippi ****

I just finished the last show. I wish it lasted a lot longer than two seasons. And so, so many promising story lines for season 3. Really great stuff. Acting, writing, setting, …. See it on Amazon Pri

1 day ago


“Sierra Burgess is a Loser” ***1/2

Sierra Burgess is so not a loser. She is exactly the type of person who keeps the world interesting. And reminds me I wish I dated more cool, smart, interesting and dorky people in high school and col

2 days ago



I enjoy watching NASCAR even though there is a lot about it I don’t like in real life. I don’t like people driving fast. I don’t like tuned up cars that are way too loud. I certainly don’t like danger

3 days ago


“Die Young With Me” by Rob Rufus ***1/2

Really good writing. You live through one of the toughest pieces of his life. Although there is a big spoiler in that he actually wrote the book and survived. So many with a similar story don’t. And j

4 days ago

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