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Rescue Ink ***

A very enjoyable book with some tough and heartworming stories.  I don’t know if I could deal with some of these animal rescue situations but I’m glad these guys and others can.  People need to be bet

18 hours ago


Crashing Hard

I was tired last night but finally got to bed around 11pm. I got up once and saw I slept for four hours with the CPAP.  When I got up again it was 11:15am and I somehow slept for twelve hours and 16 m

1 day ago


Pagan Pride

It was awesome to check out Frederick, Maryland Pagan Pride today.  Worked out perfectly. Saw friends in Baltimore last night and was driving back to the Harper’s Ferry area today.  Beautiful weather,

2 days ago


Seeing Friends

I should travel more and see people. It really is great to catch up.  Had the offer five years ago to stay with friends I finally took tonight and had a great day.  I am definitely a lightweight thoug

3 days ago


Random Delights

I’m traveling this weekend and in the Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia area. Really the other side of the hill but it’s not a separate zip code.  And dropped my wife Lanna at her conference.  And then I

4 days ago