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Pharmacy Frustration

I had a prescription ready for the Target Pharmacy in Ansonia, CT today. It didn’t hurt to get early but unfortunately, it wasn’t the drug I actually needed. I wish I checked my pills and did my weekl

4 days ago

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Putting the Phone Away

I’m really looking forward to getting off the grid at Rites of Spring in the Berkshires on Wednesday. It’s great to live in an information age where we can Google nearly anything on our phones but it’

5 days ago

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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ****

Really good movie and series of epic epicness. And all of the endings. Although I still need to read the book. Fun to watch on demand with Lanna tonight. ****

6 days ago

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NASCAR All-Star Race

I stayed up a bit too late enjoying the much shorter NASCAR All-Star Race tonight. Good fun and not many cautions until the last fifteen laps where it got very interesting. It’s a nice change of pace

1 week ago

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Packing For the Mountain

We need to get ready for going to the Berkshires for Rites of Spring on Tuesday. So much more still to do. Really looking forward to seeing people again, being in an intentional and spiritual place an

1 week ago

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