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More Books, Less Internet

I just spent an intense weekend in community. My phone got stuck 5 minutes into the drive and wouldn’t shut off for a day. Charging it didn’t reset it, I had to let the battery die. Instead of being a

6 hours ago


The Off Button

My phone was acting up on Friday. So I wasn’t able to use it until the battery finally died. I also decided while I was at an event, it was best turned off. I think sometimes we forget smart phones ha

1 day ago


Intrusive Thoughts

I flew through John Green’s “Turtles All the Way Down” the last few days. Like the main character Aza, I can get in thought spirals, although I don’t have OCD. Especially for me about over thinking th

2 days ago


Dead Phone

I bought my phone a month ago and it got stuck in Google Maps today. I wrote a post on paper on Friday which is pretty much unreadable. Trying to transcribe it a couple days later without much success

3 days ago

The Blog

Reading in My Comfy Chair

I should do it more. I love reading. I love my comfy armchair especially with a cat. It’s so easy to turn the television on. And my brain isn’t always waiting to engage. Still it was awfully night to

4 days ago

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