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Paying for Psychosis

I’m reading “The Heroin Diaries” by Nikki Sixx right now. It’s very good especially with the commentary and harrowing. I’m about halfway through, and can’t imagine paying for psychosis with heroin and

13 hours ago



I went to see my doctor for my physical today and he recommended a diet again. His first choice was Weight Watchers with an amazing three percent success rate. No thanks. I don’t want to enter diet la

1 day ago


“Dietland” by Sarai Walker ****

It’s super fun to be totally engaged in a book. I think this book hits a lot about diet culture, rape culture and the male gaze while just being a blast to read. I look forward to more books by Sarai

2 days ago


Missing the Sports

I was driving home today from Monson, Maine. Car wasn’t too bad through Maine. But the front changed after Maine to go.from the 70s to showing up to 91 in the car without air conditioning. So, I misse

3 days ago


Honoring the Dying Process

A member of our pagan community is in transition and it makes me think about dying. It’s sacred. I remember seeing my father in law Walter Maheux pass while I was in the room. At one moment he was the

4 days ago