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I believe you, Dr. Ford

I believe you, Dr. Ford. I believe my friends on my Facebook feed who have broken their silence, relived their trauma and shared their pain. I believe you and every other woman who comes forward that

3 weeks ago

Religion parenting politics #MeToo #resist #ethics #ibelieveyou #kavanaugh #morality #rapeculture #sexualassault #toxicmasculinity

It was Valentine’s Day. I was wearing ashes.

Yesterday I went to church. It was Ash Wednesday. I didn’t go because it was an obligation. I certainly felt out of place. It’s been a while since I was in a Catholic church. But I needed a place to …

02/15/2018 08:30:02 PM

Religion Life spirituality politics #AshWednesday #guncontrol #nomoredeath #Parkland #resist #ValentinesDay #whereisgod

A Christmas Song for a world on fire…

I really enjoy Christmas music. Even though I get frustrated when I hear holiday melodies before Thanksgiving Halloween, the familiar songs fill me with warm nostalgia. My memories of Christmas and Ad

12/18/2017 06:33:13 PM

Religion spirituality prayer Christmas peace politics equity Advent prophecy Christmas Music Do You Hear What I Hear? Expectation

Thinking about theodicy…

Being a spiritual humanist in a Christian seminary can be challenging. Thankfully Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry is committed to an interreligious experience of dialogue, deep li

12/11/2017 09:44:16 PM

Religion justice politics seminary mercy theodicy Public Theology good and evil oligarchy prophecy

My prayer for the world…

My child is almost three years old. They are typical in their development. They are 38 inches tall and close to 40 lbs. They love trains and cars and really big machines that are “too loud.” (Their wo

11/13/2017 07:02:10 PM

Religion Life spirituality justice parenting politics Children humanity Dreams peacemaking toxic masculinity systemic change raising children hopes