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Factions We Love

Reading: from Resistance by Barry Lopez [Sometimes I dimly recall the days] when I felt, like many others, that my life served no purpose. Do you remember any such days? It was as though we all lived

1 week ago

sermon faith justice Universalism Grace racism Sermons politics race diversity White Supremacy Trump sanctuary White Nationalism Polarization Division

Past as Prologue

There was a time in my ministry here where I felt like every meeting or gathering I was in, I found myself saying “well that’s a can of worms.”  It got so common that at a certain point I just … Conti

3 weeks ago

church sermon Sermons covenant History Tradition past

The Lure of the Local

Part 1: Community in Place and the Longing for Home  For a couple of years, in what now feels like another lifetime, I oversaw a new play development program with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in

10/08/2018 08:21:52 AM

church sermon Sermons community Philosophy of Church local Northern Colorado

How It Might Have Gone (My Universalist Dream Ballet Version of the Brett Kavanaugh Senate Hearings)

I was imagining all day yesterday how it might have gone. I keep thinking of it like my Universalist-Dream-Ballet version of the horrifying/captivating Senate Hearings. That is, a version of events fu

09/28/2018 01:14:43 PM

Theology sexuality justice forgiveness healing Yom Kippur reconciliation wholeness Personal Stories Judaism #MeToo sexual assault Sexual Violence Blog Reflections Teshuvah

The Morning After

Reading: After 37 Years My Mother Apologizes for My Childhood by Sharon Olds  Sermon – The Morning After – Gretchen Last Sunday, I told you about the ledge at my friends’ lake cabin. How I was too afr

09/22/2018 11:39:11 AM

Theology Sermons forgiveness transformation Yom Kippur liberation reconciliation Atonement Redemption sexual misconduct #MeToo Apology Rosh Hashannah Sorry