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A/Part: God as Presence, Partner, and Process

Last Sunday, Sean ended his sermon on Humanist Becoming by remind us of this picture. It is the image that Carl Sagan describes as the pale blue dot of earth. “Look at that dot.” He says. “That’s here

2 weeks ago

Religion Theology Worship god sermon faith Sermons science evolution Carl Sagan Einstein Emergence Process Theology Science and Faith

The Gifts of A/theism

This sermon was offered in two parts, starting with…. Part 1:  The Gifts of Atheism I don’t remember precisely when things started to fall apart, but we should probably blame feminism.  Or the arts….d

10/02/2017 08:15:35 PM

Theology atheism Interfaith Sermons diversity pluralism Theism Faith Formation Religious Injury Religious Truth Theological Diversity

Lost and Found – Sermon Sept 17 2017

Reading, from A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit Sermon, Lost and Found   It was early 1996, and Kate Braestrup and her husband Drew had a good life, and a plan in the works for an even b

09/19/2017 01:33:38 AM

grief Grace Sermons purpose change vocation reconciliation calling Redemption Transitions

Queering Gender

I was only seven, and already I got that it made no sense. I was only seven, and already I got that it made no sense. More than anything that year, I wanted to carry the cross up the center aisle, … C

06/21/2017 03:15:08 AM

sexuality Transgender transformation gender queer identity Personal Stories Stories for Worship trans

Re-Creation and Reconciliation – Easter Sermon 2017

Reading – from Louise Erdrich’s The Painted Desert   Sermon – Re-Creation and Reconciliation – Easter Sunday 2017 Perhaps it is predictable that my favorite part of the Jesus story is the moment that

04/17/2017 12:50:14 PM

Life sermon grief Christianity Stories Sermons Easter Jesus healing truth reconciliation Grieving