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What if we wanted bridging youth leaders to continue their work?

Hazel Gabe wrote a beautiful love note to Unitarian Universalist young adults everywhere. It’s full of tenderness, love, pain, and hope. She envisions a religion where youth leaders have leadership ro

03/16/2017 06:30:09 AM

Unitarian Universalism UU Unitarian Universalist Young Adults YRUU denominational growth UUYA youth ministry

Beyond Briding: GA Talks

I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to present at General Assembly (GA), the annual gathering and business meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association. My "GA Talk" highlighted the difficul

07/26/2015 06:21:30 PM

Unitarian Universalism UUA General Assembly Unitarian Universalist Association 2015 The Disconnect between UU Youth and Adults YA@GA

Silver Linings in Golden, Colorado

Annie Gonzalez recently wrote a spotlight piece for the Blue Boat blog on a young adult ministry in Golden, CO. I loved this blog post and it gave me a lot of hope. Below I discuss why I’m impressed b

02/17/2014 04:38:50 PM

Unitarian Universalism UU UUA Young Adults Young Adult Ministry Blue Boat CO Golden Jefferson Unitarian Church

Crossing the Bridge: UU Young Adulthood

Hey there. It’s been a while since I asked “Where have all the youth gone?” Since that post, I’ve had many conversations on the subject with Unitarian Universalist (UU) youth, current young adults, an

01/28/2014 07:03:04 AM

Unitarian Universalism UU Facebook Young Adults congregational culture UU Young Adult Connections youth culture

Where have all the youth gone?

I never expected to feel like an outsider in my own congregation. Yet after I bridged (graduated), out of youth group and headed for the adult services each Sunday morning, I felt alone. It didn’t mat

11/25/2013 02:56:41 PM

Unitarian Universalism church UU youth YRUU retaining youth UUism youth worship