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A Working In Florida

The work does not end once we say “And, as I will it, so mote it be”. Thoughts, prayers and spells are not enough to effect the change we need to bend this reality…. We as magickal practitioners must

15 hours ago

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Year of the Persistent Dog

One of the strengths of the United States is its diversity which extends to appreciating a variety of religious and social customs. Just as Nature thrives in multiplicity, we too are enriched by diver

1 week ago

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A Lesson from Braiding Sweetgrass

We as UUs on this land cannot, in good conscience, use learning from the indigenous peoples among us, both within our UU communities and those outside of it, if we are also not committed to their free

1 week ago

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Wrestling with Ableist Language

The UUA has recently committed to undoing ableist language. Now is a good time to take a look at the language we use in daily life, as well as our liturgy to see if it lives up to our commitments. The

2 weeks ago

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Inspiration and Expression

I serve the herald of the gods, and if I’m holding my breath, I can’t speak the messages that are given to me to speak to the world. The post Inspiration and Expression appeared first on Natures Scare

2 weeks ago

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