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The Well-being of Gardening

[U]se the season of Beltane, the season of growth, to cultivate your own garden – both literally and figuratively. Search for seeds that you can nurture and tend in an effort to increase your own well

2 days ago

Uncategorized Gardening Earth-Centered Seasonal Reflection Beltane Mother Nature

Celebrating Earth

April is the month when our attention is drawn to Earth, both the element and the diverse organic system which inspires numerous spiritual practices. Wildflowers sprout each year of their own accord,

3 days ago

Earth Day Uncategorized Unitarian Universalism social justice Earth-Centered CUUPS

River Pirates

The loss of the Slims River was due to us. Humans, with our centuries of dominionism and separation from the nature that gave us life, are complicit in its disappearance. We are river pirates, and thi

4 days ago

Uncategorized Nature environment Earth-Centered rivers

Searching for Old Gods

My old Gods are many. The hummingbird God that delights and scolds us from our back patio, the God of wind downing trees and ripping our gutters off and reminding us of our fragility...

5 days ago

Uncategorized Theology gods relationship CUUPS John Beckett four centers concept Rev. Clyde Grubbs

When You Fail to Live Up to Your Principles

After all, when you think about the benefits of understanding and knowledge, isn’t is clear that wisdom is the way to go?

1 week ago

Uncategorized wisdom Stoicism