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A Delicate Balance Disturbed

To give voice to my concern about these delicate systems so vital to life, I wrote the poem, “Amaterasu,” in which I call upon the Japanese sun goddess to hide her face. Why? Because scientists say th

2 days ago

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Sunshine On My Shoulder

Sometimes, something in our life that is preventing us being our whole selves can be integrated, can be healed, if we are willing to shift ourselves into a new place, a new perspective, a new location

1 week ago

seasons Earth-Centered Seasonal Reflection Summer

Proclamations and Compromises

Erica Baron gives us with a retelling of the final part of the Persephone myth in script form. The post Proclamations and Compromises appeared first on Nature's Sacred Journey.

1 week ago

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Ostara: The Vernal Equinox

If we practiced this embrace of both/and, perhaps things that seem to be irreconcilable could co-exist with one another. We would appreciate the value each side brings. The post Ostara: The Vernal Equ

2 weeks ago

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My thoughts scatter like Autumn leaves, but new ones bud at once - just as if it was Spring in my thoughts, now, too. The post Springtime appeared first on Nature's Sacred Journey.

2 weeks ago

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