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a translation of Epictetus from The Enchiridion

What happens when you try to take power over what you have no power over?—Can you say “frustration”?

2 days ago


From Camp Fire Girl to Earth-Relating UU Minister

My earth-relating/gods-relating spirituality is rooted in my experience as a “Camp Fire Girl.” From grade 2 through high school I met weekly with a group of girls obsessed with the outdoors. We learne

1 week ago

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The Art of Living

The art of living is more like the art of the wrestler than the art of the dancer.

2 weeks ago


A Sea Change

I would argue that Unitarian Universalism is richer and deeper and more meaningful for the voice of Pagans among us...So, what might be possible together if we got serious about dismantling racism amo

2 weeks ago

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Second Initiation

nothing in the real world today, even as scary as it sometimes is, matches the challenges I can give myself. And nothing takes away the sacred beauty of this life I am living.

3 weeks ago

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