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Light In The Beginning

Several years ago, I went looking for stories for the winter solstice that celebrate darkness, rather than only focusing on the celebration of the returning light. Finding that challenging, I expanded

1 week ago

light liturgy myth solstice darkness

Reading the Orphic Hymns

I love that these deities are presented in all this troubling complexity. Given the troubling complexity of life itself, it seems appropriate that the ones who created and sustain it are also troublin

4 weeks ago

Theology Mythology liturgy Media Review Ancient Greek Religion deities

The Wisdom of Seeds

One way we can support life on Earth is to ensure our agricultural biodiversity. Just as the crone carries generations of wisdom, so do seeds. The post The Wisdom of Seeds appeared first on Nature's S

10/26/2018 12:03:20 AM

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Monster or Star

This is an excerpt of the service I wrote after the election in 2016. It feels appropriate again. The post Monster or Star appeared first on Nature's Sacred Journey.

10/05/2018 01:35:30 PM

Uncategorized Mythology Joseph Campbell Ancient Greek Religion Labyrinths

Furious for Justice

We are the furies. We Are the hands and voices and forces for justice on this earth. We hope that those who are not survivors of these things, but are allies, or just people with compassion, will also

10/01/2018 01:57:13 AM

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