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Things I Read April 2018 (Part Two)

Hello again! This post is happening a little late. April whoooshed past and my reading list ran into May. And actually, it’s still not finished but May is here and I need to move on so I’ll add the no

05/05/2018 03:13:34 PM

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Things I Read – April 2018 (Part One)

Trying a couple of new things this month in my recaps. First, typing them up as I finish rather than trying to do it all at the end of the month. Which also means doing this in 2-3 parts because I hav

04/19/2018 10:56:40 PM

Books Fiction Comics Fiction Reviews My Life mastodon 2018 Romance 2018 reading challenges gail carriger lesbian romance queer characters werewolves Non-Fiction Reviews book clubs kim reaper parasol protectorate steampunk

Things I Read – March 2018

Stole this topic idea from a friend who does monthly recaps of the books she read.

04/01/2018 01:06:24 AM

personal Books Fiction reading Comics reviews marvel comics superheroes rambles Comics Reviews marvel Fiction Reviews squirrel girl My Life 2018 2018 reading challenges buffy the vampire slayer buffyverse bunnies gail carriger lesbian romance paranormal romance queer characters queer themes runaways urban fantasy werewolves ya books

Cell Phones, Concerts, and Technophobia

First off, have I…have I not done a technophobia rant on this blog? I assumed I must have and was going to skip my intro “technophobia is bad” argument because obviously anyone reading this has heard

01/27/2018 10:29:55 PM

Technology personal Disability ableism Autism rant communication values seminary choices anxiety rambles My Life how brains work making meaning cell phones concerts fall out boy sensory processing sensory processing disorder tech sabbaths technophobia

2017 Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

This year I took part in several reading challenges. I completed all of them in terms of reading, but didn’t keep up with the reviews and discussions I had planned. The most successful was Goodreads’

12/27/2017 11:31:41 PM

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