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A Spark of Hope

Source: The Wicked and the Divine #5 Spoilers ahead. Well, I made it through book one! I have no idea if these short devotional things I’ve been doing with the issues make any sense at all to someone

5 days ago

Theology faith hope Bible goddess inspiration Jesus Comics making meaning Devotionals gospel of mark miracles names sermonating terms the wicked and the divine

Things I’m Watching: Geek Stuff Gone Mainstream

I dunno, does Archie even count as “geek stuff”? Oh well, I’m going with it. But first, an announcement! Several months ago I submitted a piece of writing to a zine that would be put out by one of my

6 days ago

personal relationships Recommendations storytelling TV Recaps & Reviews archie cw darker and edgier dc dramas geek culture netflix powerless rambles reboots riverdale santa clarita diet sitcoms tv tv shows zombies

Reclaiming Our Heroes

I mentioned recently that I had put my Captain America stuff into storage because of recent events in the comics. After a conversation with a friend, I pulled some of it back out…and even added a coup

1 week ago

spirituality personal hope politics values Spiritual practices symbols Comics making meaning Devotionals favorites patriotism Art & Images captain america heroes marvel civil war marvel comics shrines superheroes

I Read Last Week…And That Matters

Today I had planned to do my weekly recommendation/things-I-read-last-week post. But instead, I’m going to talk about just the fact that I actually did read last week and how much that means to me. (I

2 weeks ago

personal community depression anxiety how brains work mental health My Life

RPG Review – Young Centurions

Fate! How long has it been since I wrote about the Fate roleplaying system? Too long! But I am about to remedy that with this game that uses Fate Accelerated rules (or ones very similar). First thing’

2 weeks ago

Unitarian Universalism personal Religious Education Ethics values UU principles Recommendations storytelling Gaming aac evil hat fate accelerated edition roleplaying games tabletop rpg