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Where I’ve Been & What’s Next

I’ve been away from this space for awhile, which (sadly) isn’t all that unusual for me. I’ll get wrapped up in work/school/whatever and just not have a lot of time for writing the things I want to wri

1 week ago

My Life

Rant: Captain Marvel, Crossovers, and Going Mainstream

I have a lot to do today and it’s going to take basically all my focus and motivation to do it…so I’m going to write a kind of ridiculous unplanned blog post first! That probably sounds counter-produc

09/15/2017 10:07:51 AM

personal relationships rant values Comics marvel comics superheroes rambles hawkeye america chavez marvel captain marvel representation hulk This Week in Comics captain america captain hydra crossover events fanboys hulk (jennifer walters) lowest common denominator storytelling moon girl and devil dinosaur narrative she-hulk

Dream Daddy Part 3 (of 3)

Whew, almost done. Also, I finally got an “S” rank for a Mat date! This is from date 2 and I played it right after I finished that last post where I said his dates were hard. I stand by that, but I gu

08/07/2017 06:00:07 AM

Autism favorites representation Gaming computer games dating sims dream daddy games lgbtaq+ steam games transgender representation video games neuroqueer fandom-ing neurodiversity

Dream Daddy Part 2 (of 3)

So, my favorite dads and other characters. Spoilers ahead. There are a lot of characters. Moving this from 2 to 3 parts to include them all without having any post go too long. First of all, I think m

08/06/2017 06:00:21 AM

favorites Gaming computer games dating sims dream daddy games steam games video games neuroqueer fandom-ing

Dream Daddy: Part 1 (of 2)

HEYYYYYYY, have you heard about this game? It’s so great. I wasn’t expecting much, actually started watching a few Let’s Play videos because I didn’t expect to ever play it myself but wanted to see ho

08/05/2017 05:19:05 PM

gender favorites representation Storytelling trans Gaming binders and binding computer games dating sims dream daddy games lgbtaq+ steam games transgender representation video games