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Little Celebrations #25: Liturgical Quotables

May we live so a should might see God as they wander the mountains; If the listen with awe, for God lies in the cries of the wind; In the manner of sunlight that glints on waves dancing on water. Look

4 weeks ago


Feeling Sorry for Donald Trump

I’ve been binge-watching–of all things–documentaries and dramatizations of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. My motivation lies in current events. If we’re going to compare the Trump Administration to

06/01/2017 01:31:21 PM

social justice politics trump administration Spirituality for Atheists

On Atheism and Humility

One of my most intense periods of religious formation came with my chaplain residency, June, 2000 through May, 2001, at a large teaching hospital north of Chicago. One day a week I would bring my guit

05/05/2017 12:10:25 PM

Spirituality for Atheists Gentle Atheism

Little Celebrations #24: Liturgical Quotables

Some days we burst with life like buds swelling to meet the sun. Other days we feel cracked, empty, and brittle as old skeleton leaves blown along the ground. We gather in religious community: new and

04/30/2017 08:26:02 PM


Learning Resilience (and Resistance) from a Song

As I suspect a lot of songwriters can tell you, one’s best songwriting springs from the subconscious. This does happen to me every once in awhile. (Years ago I wrote a funny song titled “Body Parts,”

03/16/2017 06:56:47 AM

music Spirituality for Atheists