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I keep meaning to put this poem here, written for the occasion of my ordination, April 2015, by my brother, Peter Dawson Buckland. You may find it in his book, Heartwood. FUGUE Downstream two sandston

5 days ago


A Body of Initiation

O Mighty Dead, for me from Whom my body and spirit have come to be… O Great God Your Femmeself, for me Goddess of my genderpower, beauty, and strength… O Great God Who is Not Gendered, for me the One

1 week ago

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Holy Week, Holy Days, Holy Memories

For those of you who subscribe to and read Reflections, I said I’d continue my thoughts on Holy Week here. Even if you didn’t get Reflections, I encourage you to read; I am contemplating my relationsh

04/10/2017 06:03:14 PM

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What Will Become of the Flowers?

(NB: For those of my readers who are UU’s, please know that I am not remaining silent on white-favoring hiring practices and lack of professional support in the UUA out of a desire to ignore, downplay

04/02/2017 12:57:16 AM

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Delight, Desires, and Discernment

In David Whyte’s poem “The Old Interior Angel,” he comes to a long bridge over a seemingly unbridgeable chasm. A bridge so long, so thin, and so frightening, that he finds he cannot bring himself to c

03/17/2017 12:02:58 PM