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Politics, Fear, and Doing Enough

Here are some words that come to mind as we move into this year: May we insist on loving truth, from everyone from our ourselves up through the administration of the United States government. May we,

2 weeks ago

justice politics

Solstice, Justice, and Welcome

Beloved– The December solstice is less than tend days away. If you’re anywhere far from the Equator, the sun’s rays are important this week. For comrades like Katharine Liese in Johannesburg, South Af

12/13/2018 11:15:37 AM

justice solstice

Why So Rushed?

Beloved– Let’s talk about the term “white supremacy,” and how it relates to our own personal and communal spiritual journeys. Let’s think about what many of us consider “normal” interpersonal behavior

11/30/2018 02:32:07 PM

justice winter solstice White Supremacy MFC

How Big Your Brave Is!

Beloved – I mentioned on The Way of the River Facebook Community Group page last week that I’ve been listening to Sara Bareilles’s “Brave” quite a lot of late. Also Mary Lambert, Beyoncé, and Pink, co

10/26/2018 12:58:36 PM


A Challenge: Let’s Share Our Gifts!

The Healing Focus for Heart of Business this week is about Visibility. It is about allowing ourselves to be seen as who we are and as having the gifts we bring. The challenge after the Remembrance (a

10/14/2018 03:38:23 PM

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