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Invincible: Part 2

“I have no idea how you lived through your twenties,” my wife has said, more than once. But why? So I wanted to be as alive as I could! (Perhaps because at other times, Death beckoned with such allure

6 days ago


Invincible: Part 1

I am forty-five years old. I was diagnosed with bipolar illness about 13 years ago. Diagnoses of PTSD and anxiety and ADHD came later. Ah, the salad, the stew, the soup of neurotransmitters… Those las

1 week ago


We Are All Devoted

Dearest– We are all devoted, says the title of this edition of Reflections. We are all devoted to something. Some of us are clearly devoted to things we wish we weren’t. A cigarette after meals. Check

1 week ago


Don’t Always Go Forward

I am not fully healed. I am not fully wise. I am still on my way. What matters is that I am still moving forward. –Yung Pueblo   Dear ones – I am definitely not fully healed. I am definitely not fully

2 weeks ago

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Mad for Poetry

Beloved- This week, I am mad for poetry. Typo: “made for poetry,” and perhaps that too. I met Maya Angelou when we brought her to speak at Penn State in the mid-nineties. I was in the front row, and I

3 weeks ago