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How Big Your Brave Is!

Beloved – I mentioned on The Way of the River Facebook Community Group page last week that I’ve been listening to Sara Bareilles’s “Brave” quite a lot of late. Also Mary Lambert, Beyoncé, and Pink, co

3 weeks ago


A Challenge: Let’s Share Our Gifts!

The Healing Focus for Heart of Business this week is about Visibility. It is about allowing ourselves to be seen as who we are and as having the gifts we bring. The challenge after the Remembrance (a

10/14/2018 03:38:23 PM

practice fat femme

The False Banality of Trauma

(Not in the mood for more painful things this week? By all means scroll down…) I find it difficult to write to you this week, not because there are not things to write about, but because I am unsure h

10/05/2018 12:41:45 PM


Minor Feasts and Revelations

Dear hearts, welcome to the season of harvests and angels. This week gives us the feasts of the Archangels (also called Michaelmas), the Guardian Angel, and St. Francis of Assisi. And it’s just been f

09/28/2018 12:28:28 PM

autumn Mabon seasons Equinox

Fat or Thin, Let Us Be Kind

The following is my Reflections love letter from 24 September. If you’re looking for the third installment of “Invincible,” it’s the next one down.

09/24/2018 06:22:35 PM

justice fat