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Being in the Wilderness

I wrote a devotional some time ago for the Our Bible App folks — Our Bible is an app specifically geared toward LGBTQ* Christians, and I used a meditation I frequently consider during Lent, that of Je

1 week ago

Jesus Christian practice wilderness

Ruminations on Spiritual Tourism

I am a fast writer, generally. I get an idea, and it just wants to come out, and often it does. Not perfectly, but whatever, there’s no such thing. I do my best. Sometimes I can get thousands of words

1 week ago

Culture justice practice spiritual tourism

Pillage of Spirit and Culture

As you know if you read my last blog post, I was on the Bespoken Bones podcast #20. One of the things we talked about in that interview was how discussions of cultural appropriation can be very binary

2 weeks ago

practice ritual cultural appropriation

The Magic of a Fat Body Podcast

There are things in the podcast below that I would do or say differently if I were writing. There are things I might not share. There are things that are, indeed, part of the truth of my practice and

2 weeks ago


Yearning for the Limitless Well

As I have been pondering my heart this new year in The Way of the River, two qualities keep coming up again and again. Either I find myself mentioning them to others, or others are saying them to me.

4 weeks ago