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Fat, Thin, All Children Listen

First, and most important, please know that I am okay. I have a team of folks in my corner. Good, strong people who are helping me take care of myself. I’m just, well…it’s a family reunion thing, and

1 week ago

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Home Sweet Altars Part II

Someone, a dear colleague friend, called me “devout,” did I tell you? I’m still processing that. At first, I thought of some kind of overdone piety. Some part of me stepped back. And then I thought of

2 weeks ago

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Poem of the Day: the Real

I have heard the Sufis sing of Allah – God – the One – Oneness – the Real. I love this Oneness, the Real. Oneness with Its 99 names, none of which can capture, contain or comprehend You. O Universe Wh

3 weeks ago

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Home Sweet Altars, Part 1

My nurse practitioner—who, in case I haven’t mentioned it, is the BEST EVER—asked me this past week if I was finally really landing in Portland. And I realized, yes, yes, it’s happening. The last year

4 weeks ago


Morning meditation: The Forgetful Ones.

We are the Forgetful Ones. We are the Ones Who Fail to Remember. To remember You, great Source From Whom all things proceed, To which all return in the the fullness of time; To remember one another, T

4 weeks ago

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