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Pedestals, Heroes, and Fascism

(Would you like to receive these messages in your inbox each Monday? Click on Love Letters and get ‘em while they’re hot!) So last week, at the bottom of my correspondence with my Reflections folk, I

1 week ago


Shameless Evil

I can’t be silent about what has been happening in the US. And I have been in the hospital this week, so I give you words that are not my own. I ESPECIALLY exhort you to take the time to read the arti

3 weeks ago

justice evil

Poetry Makes Nothing Happen?

I wrote a post in Facebook yesterday out of despair and a sense of deep longing for truth, beauty, goodness, and most of all, direction. I wrote about how terrible things are right now in the United S

06/15/2018 11:19:54 AM

Poetry justice

Authenticity: Surrender or Collapse?

In my last post, I wrote about how important authenticity seems to be for many of my readers, here and in Reflections. I mentioned various kinds of tender topics I cover, and that folks have said they

05/29/2018 08:00:23 AM


Authenticity: Part 1

One of the things I consistently hear from readers of both this blog and my Reflections issues that go out each Monday is how much you appreciate my authenticity. And it’s true, I write and speak abou

05/27/2018 11:00:39 AM

discernment preaching fat Authenticity sexual abuse