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Cohousing: A New Community Coming to Tulsa

My husband John and I belong to Green Country Cohousing. Our group meets a few times a month with one goal—to be intentional neighbors. We want to own our private living space, but we want to share a

17 hours ago

sharing Home community aging Ownership Practice & Voice BeyondBelief Society & Culture cohousing isolation commune home ownership

A Halloween Tale with a Unitarian Twist

The bell rang, and Bobby Murdock ran down the hall to find his friend, Beverly. “Hey, Bev,” he shouted. “Walk home with me? I want you to meet my Mom. She’s swell. You’ll like her.” “I guess so,” she

3 days ago

Unitarian Universalism UU Pagan Unitarian Family fear Unitarian Universalists diversity holiday Tradition unity differences Halloween BeyondBelief Society & Culture Spirituality & Theology

Metanoia: looking back on a cancer journey

A few days ago my husband and I returned home after hiking in New Mexico for a week. If you have ever traveled there in reality or in imagination, you know that the terrain looks challenging. The land

2 weeks ago

struggle journey listening cancer metanoia Practice & Voice BeyondBelief Society & Culture Spirituality & Theology Trekkers All Souls Trekkers Survivor Cancer Survivor Climb

Facing the Headlines in the #MeToo Movement

On Sunday, September 30, our ministers and worship team collaborated to Face the Headlines, and create a space for comfort, commentary, and healing in regards to the continuous news of sexual trauma a

2 weeks ago

Women Stories healing truth sexual assault UU Church Today Practice & Voice BeyondBelief Society & Culture love beyond belief Redefining Masculinity Men Girls Me Too MeToo believe survivors

The beginning of the end of a certain world

Bill Cosby – Sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault conviction at age 81. Heart breaking. One of the saddest, disappointing, and most heartbreaking realities and results of any such c

3 weeks ago

abuse Women healing relationship masculinity victims UU Church Today Practice & Voice BeyondBelief Society & Culture Redefining Masculinity Me Too MeToo Cosby