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Noticing the lesser birds, by Tina Simson

I moved this year from a home in the country to the city. For 20 years I watched amazing birds come to my feeder. Some days, dozens of cardinals in their crimson glory waited for their chance at my su

08/10/2011 03:03:39 AM

Spiritual practice

Summertime is the perfect time to practice, by Tina Simson

This weekend our Wellspring groups will host the Sunday service at First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY. Each year the participants design the service and offer their insights to our congregation.

07/09/2011 04:32:31 AM

A gentle practice for a gentle season, by Tina Simson

There is something gentle about summer mornings. They start with the soft sound of birds, a shimmer of the rising sun on the leaves. On such a day, I just can't help loving the world... The Metta Prac

07/02/2011 02:59:37 AM

Wellspring’s Tough Questions, by Tina Simson

In our sessions for both Wellspring I and Wellspring II, we tackle tough questions such as: What is forgiveness? How do I experience joy in this world? How do we pray? What do I believe about death? I

06/29/2011 03:14:48 AM

Faith in Action Living Deeply

The principles of spiritual practice, by Tina Simson

By now many members of the Wellspring program are fully engaged with their chosen spiritual practice. Others seem to struggle with finding the right fit or making the required commitment. Still others

01/23/2011 03:17:24 AM

Spiritual practice