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Dear Daughters

I have a new post up at my new blog and I invite you to review it at Ugly Pies and Crooked Hats.  Here’s an excerpt: “As I raked, cursing at the leaves and at my own guilt that propelled … Continue re

11/15/2014 08:28:30 PM

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New Blog! New Blog!

I’m so grateful to those of you who have followed this blog in the past.  I’m leaving this blog up, but all of my new stuff will be on my new site.  Please feel free to subscribe to that site … Contin

11/06/2014 08:28:44 PM


Emergency Music: Or, How I got out of “The Game”

I don't ask you to listen to music if you don't want to, I just ask you not to poop on my party in the meantime. Continue reading →

11/02/2014 06:29:10 PM

Religion music Holidays

My parents, my heroes

Originally posted on Long thoughts: This week is over for me. Tomorrow I get on a plane back home to my kids, my cats, my husband and the snow–most of which I am thrilled about.  And yet, I leave my…

09/20/2014 02:29:20 PM


Happy. Wealthy. Awed.

Originally posted on Long thoughts: Today is a work-at-home day, so I was allowed to watch my youngest as she waited for the bus.  I stood on the other side of the window, in my bathrobe, holding a le

09/05/2014 05:15:15 PM