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Critics decry ‘white supremacy’ in UUA hiring practices

Elaine McArdle Latest senior hire, of a white man, highlights staff leadership that remains mostly white.

57 minutes ago

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April 2 Worship Service: Holy Ground

Join us for a worship service filled with poetry, music and writings inspired by encounters with nature. From St. Francis of Assisi to Henry David Thoreau there is a long tradition of experiencing the

2 hours ago

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Sun, 18:08: Is this a promise that the rain will really stop? @ Noe Valley, San Francisco https://t.co/F4GvkX3WCd

7 hours ago

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The man with silver bullets

In his nearly-end-of-session legislative newsletter, right-wing man Rep. Ron Nate is stumping for H206, "still awaiting a hearing in the Senate Local Government and Taxation committee." The idea, as h

8 hours ago

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Truth, Hope, and America

The Third Reconstruction, part 1 The Spirit of Truth image has stood before her White Plains congregation for over 80 years, on the front of the pulpit I have occupied for less than four of those year

9 hours ago

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The Third Reconstruction

Stewardship Video: Bending Toward Justice, Acting in Love.

What draws people to UU Schenectady? What do they love here, and why do they give? Take a few minutes to hear from some of our members. Special thanks to our videographer Kurt Warner who produced this

9 hours ago

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Stop me if you've heard this one

Jeanette works as a volunteer at the Boise Public Library! once a week, handling the considerable weight of donations it receives, and turning them into good things like tens of thousands of dollars t

9 hours ago

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Pagan Community Notes: Dianne Daniels, Michael Crahart, INSEP, and more!

HARTFORD, Conn. — Dianne Daniels was honored Friday as one of the top 100 women of color who have impacted communities in the Northeast. Daniels is a practicing Witch and Unitarian Universalist, who r

10 hours ago

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STLT#175, We Celebrate the Web of Life

Sometimes a hymn sits next to our principles, or waves from across the room at them, or bumps into them in the hallway as they’re rushing to a committee meeting, or left a cryptic email, or BS’d its w

13 hours ago

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Hymn by Hymn

a return to classes...

Spring break is over today at the Clear Spring School, and while my students are coming back and looking forward to wood shop, I know that the balance of the school year will go by quickly. It always

14 hours ago

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The Image of God

as preached at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover, Andover, MA, March 26, 2017 It is nice to be here with you again. I had the opportunity to preach here in Andover two springs ago. I

15 hours ago

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Perhaps the dignity of our lives and our passing is marked less by the trappings of white gloves and shiny cars than by the ways in which those whom our lives have touched gather around us to pay resp

16 hours ago

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CUUPS Projects Birthing and Blossoming!

The CUUPS board has been very busy creating new projects and birthing ones that have been gestating for a while now. Brochures, a book, General Assembly banners, and more!

16 hours ago

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March 27–Everything Possible: The Power of Friendship

On Saturday night of this past week, our Unitarian Universalist congregation held a potluck dinner to welcome and get to know our Muslim neighbors in our part of metro Atlanta. Here’s the backstory.  

17 hours ago

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Everything Possible UU 7th Principle

A Turning Moment, Or, One of Zen’s Small Intimations

I was at a retreat with my teacher John Tarrant, one of many held at St Dorothy’s Rest, a somewhat run down Episcopalian retreat facility in Camp Meeker, up in the redwoods of Sonoma county. We were i

18 hours ago

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Lit the World, Saved the Whales and You Still Never Heard of Abraham Gesner

The only known photo of Nova Scotia physician, geologist, and chemist Abraham Gesner. Whole worlds rise and fall on small things.   On March 27, 1854, for example, Abraham Gesner, a physician and geol

19 hours ago

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A doctor makes transgender care her priority

Elaine McArdle A UU-founded family practice in rural New York offers transgender patients the services they need.

21 hours ago

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Fake News

I was watching 60 Minutes today about fake news.  I am pretty sure I have been guilty of posting some fake stuff on Facebook.  It’s really, really easy to.  And they are excellent at going after peopl

1 day ago

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My Recent Watchlist

My reading and writing have suffered so much this past week. I was really busy with both personal fun things and professional hard things, and I just haven’t really had the extra mental energy. So I h

1 day ago

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We're all in this together

The NYT front page was gentler on the debacular week than it might have been, but "Trump ensnared in Fiery GOP Civil War," "Paul Ryan emerges bruised" and "Health Defeat Leaves Backers in Political Ja

1 day ago

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