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A Positive Step from Tyson but Workers Wait to Celebrate

For too long poultry workers employed by Tyson have endured harsh working conditions and grave worker violations. After years of standing up to the industry giant, the workers received welcome news th

2 days ago

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Balancing “People, Planet, & Profit” #ClimateMarch

In my last post, as part of reflecting on the Easter story from a twenty-first century perspective, I shared a challenge from the evolutionary evangelist Michael Dowd. He says that instead of dating t

2 days ago

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Interdependent Web: Honest about our selves, honest about our stories, and a bit of fun

Heather Christensen A weekly roundup of blogs and other user-generated web content about Unitarian Universalism.

2 days ago

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Open house at the Clear Spring School...

I am preparing for an open house at the Clear Spring School, tomorrow Saturday, April 29. You may come by to see the wood shop where my students work. On Sunday, April 30, we will hold a Wisdom of the

2 days ago

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A UU General Conference

The Board Task Force on Re-Covenanting has recommended that a General Conference be held sometime before the Fall of 2018. The recommendation is still just a sketch and not a detailed plan. I am on th

2 days ago

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STLT#209, O Come, You Longing Thirsty Souls

In the first semester of a masters of divinity program at Union Theological Seminary, you are required to take a course in the Old Testament (with New Testament in the spring). Along with thrice weekl

2 days ago

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Freedom and Creativity

“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.” —Victor Pinchuk Where do you see art and creativity shaping our society? The Daily Compass offers words and images to inspire sp

2 days ago

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April 28–Come, Come Whoever You Are: And Bring Your Knapsack

As a white person living in this culture, who wants to confront the white supremacy system that continues to run the institutions that we all participate in, I am coming to realize that this means own

2 days ago

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Second Initiation

nothing in the real world today, even as scary as it sometimes is, matches the challenges I can give myself. And nothing takes away the sacred beauty of this life I am living.

2 days ago

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The Original Tree Hugger’s Holiday—Godfather to Environmentalism

Not your parent's environmental movement--youth and people of color lead the mass People's Climate Change March in New York City in 2014. Tomorrow will be the second huge world-wide protest in week in

2 days ago

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Paid Leave & A Border Wall

The Working Families Flexibility Act Is Harmful Consider opposing our national  “Working Families Flexibility Act” (H.R. 1180 / S. 801). This act allows for an agreement between workers and their empl

3 days ago

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The Hagar-Sarah Conundrum (Yet Another Question for the UUA Presidential Candidates)

Susan. Alison. Jeanne. I’ve been trying to find a way to ask this question and not sound like an angry black woman. I have figured out in the process that I can’t. But my set-up is going to be fabulou

3 days ago

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Tons of Sleep 

I’ve been sleeping a lot all month but still tired. Probably a sign of depression.  April is a hard month for me.  Looking forward to the green things of May and Rites of Spring.  I hope I feel better

3 days ago

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Help us identify and retweet your UU climate march photos!

Want to get your photos into the climate march twitter feed, as well as retweeted by national UU Twitter accounts?  Here are two tips. 1. Tweet your photos and include one or more of  the following ha

3 days ago

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Add Your UU Climate March Photos to this Shared Album

Are you marching in the Peoples Climate March this weekend?  Share your photos of UUs in action via this national Unitarian Universalist shared Google Photo Album! The UU Commit2Respond climate justic

3 days ago

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Live steam in Boise

In case you missed Union Pacific No. 844 coming into town last Saturday (as I did), check out the bird's eye view from Dan Dunn, shared via Facebook. Love the goose escort for the drone at one point.

3 days ago

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Department of Defense adds Heathen and Pagan religions to recognized faith groups

UNITED STATES – The Department of Defense (DoD) has added several Heathen and Pagans religions to its recognized faith groups list after a multi-year effort by Heathen and Pagan religious organization

3 days ago

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Reconnecting with Ma by Setting Her Story to the Page

A Q&A with Marianne Leone My mother was a singular, irrepressible individual. Her wake, held in the working class area of Newton where I grew up called “The Lake,” was like a celebrity’s, with people

3 days ago

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I'll tell you the other thing is (unintelligible)

Another one out of the park from Seth Meyers' "A Closer Look," helpfully framed by HuffPost. "We have a president who can't get anyone to do anything, so he signs, you know, executive orders. And... t

3 days ago

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Congress on the blower

Called my Representative, Mike Simpson, at (202) 225-5531 to encourage him to do the right thing in regard to improving legislation in regard to healthcare insurance. The way forward is fraught, and c

3 days ago

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