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Beautiful Masculine Soul

The other day, a man I love told me about a men’s group meeting he had gone to, for the first time. It was a Bly group, he said, named after the great American poet, Robert Bly, who is also renowned f

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Soul Seeds (Site / Info)

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Paganism Is More Than Belief

Angelo Nasios argues that Hellenism is the culture of the Greeks. Does that mean that Paganism is the culture of Pagans? I’m sure of one thing: Paganism is a lot more than what Pagans believe.

1 week ago

John Beckett (Site / Info)

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Reflections on LGBTQ Pride Month 2018

Here are some pictures that bring joy to my heart as I reflect on and celebrate Pride Month.  The picture in the upper left is Trish and Kate Varnum with their son Alex.   Trish and Kate were denied a

1 week ago

The Human Spirit (Site / Info)

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17 June 2018 Worship Service and Summer Fun for Children and Youth

Please join us on Sunday (17 June 2018) at 11:00 AM for “On Fathering: The Reflections of Three Men at Different Stages of Fatherhood” with John Macy, Abbas Moussaoui, and Ron Thurston. Join John Alle

1 week ago

Announcements – All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana (Site / Info)

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Summer Meals for Hungry Children — Grace Pires

          With summer just around the corner, many children happily anticipate the end of the school year. However, the end of the school year can cause serious problems for lower income children. Sch

1 week ago

News – Promise the Children (Site / Info)

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Father’s Day Lunch (Summer Fun for 17 June 2018)

On this Sunday (17 June 2018), our children and youth will be creating a special Father’s Day lunch. The children and youth will join Rovena and Boogie Windsor to prepare a terrific Father’s Day lunch

1 week ago

Announcements – All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport, Louisiana (Site / Info)

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Love the Alien as Yourself

Attorney General Jeff Sessions used a bible verse to justify separating children from their parents at the border. I will have more to say on this abomination in the coming days, but having a limited

1 week ago

Story and Self (Site / Info)

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Feed More Sheep

as preached at the First Parish Church, Ashby, MA, June 3, 2018 I am mindful that we only two services left together: today, and Sunday, June 17th. After that we will go our separate ways. You will st

1 week ago

Colin Bossen: Preacher, Writer, Organizer (Site / Info)


Solar and local

Carol made shortbread in the solar oven at Ecojustice Camp, and topped it with a compote made from plums picked at camp, along with some local apricots bought at the farmers market. [Posted on June 21

1 week ago

Yet Another Unitarian Universalist (Site / Info)

Bay area, Calif.

Teaching Paganism

The act of teaching something allows us to see what we really do know, and take some pride. It also forces us to confront the things we understand less well and find new ways to think about them. I’ve

1 week ago

Nature's Sacred Journey (Site / Info)

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Media roundup: UU town hall kicks off 'March for Our Lives: Road to Change' bus tour

Rachel Walden A weekly guide to stories about Unitarian Universalists from other media sources.

1 week ago

UU World Editors’ Blog (Site / Info)

Interdependent Web: A few true things, despair for the world, the meaning of sandwiches

Heather Christensen A weekly roundup of blogs and other user-generated web content about Unitarian Universalism

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UU World Editors’ Blog (Site / Info)

Notes for the resistance, from the resistance

My wife and I are visiting Amsterdam, and today we went to the Dutch Resistance Museum. It’s really excellent, with very creative displays and lots of information delivered in easily-digested-yet-subs

1 week ago

Sermons in Stones (Site / Info)

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Poetry Makes Nothing Happen?

I wrote a post in Facebook yesterday out of despair and a sense of deep longing for truth, beauty, goodness, and most of all, direction. I wrote about how terrible things are right now in the United S

1 week ago

The Way of the River (Site / Info)

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Spooky Action at a Distance

Donald Hoffman is a professor of Cognitive Science at the University of  California, Irvine. A few years ago,The Atlantic magazine interview with him titled, “The Case Against Reality,” explored the a

1 week ago

Carl Gregg (Site / Info)


Opossum sighting

The photo came out a little blurry, but I was delighted to catch a glimpse of this little opossum neighbor, while I was sitting in the screen tent a few mornings ago. When it saw me, it speeded up its

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Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

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It’s easy today to feel powerless—or worse—hopeless with the incredible information and bad news coming at us.       Instead of feeling that way, we should think, “And millions of people are working t

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Changing the World (Site / Info)

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The Commission on Institutional Change – The VUU #226

We chatted live on The VUU with Rev. Leslie Takahashi from the UUA Commission on Institutional Change. Show notes: Link to the Commission website: https://www.uua.org/…/commission-institutional-change

1 week ago

Quest for Meaning (Site / Info)


Sermon impression: “Teaching of the Holy Spirit” (June 10, 2018)

What follows is not a manuscript of the June 10 morning sermon at Universalist National Memorial Church, or even a reconstruction, but an impression to share with those who were not present. The morni

1 week ago

Rev. Scott Wells (Site / Info)


The Baker and the Boxer

By Carlos A. Ball | The Supreme Court’s recent ruling involving the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple reminds me of its decision almost fifty years ago to reverse

1 week ago

Beacon Broadside: A Project of Beacon Press (Site / Info)

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