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Ask Alexa - Why am I never satisfied?

Alexa: Why is it that I am never satisfied and always wanting more than I have? Because you, as all human beings, have separated yourself from the Oneness of God and are always yearning to go back hom

24 minutes ago

UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

Ask Alexa

Border Dispatch: Loss and Hope in Texas (Pt. 3)

Part 3 of 4

1 hour ago

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (Site / Info)

human rights immigration immigrant rights immigration justice Mexico United States asylum-seekers border Advocacy & Mobilizing migrant justice

Quote of the Day: To Call an Artist Difficult

…it helps us to understand the powerful dynamism present in the artist’s personality. It seems contradictory to call an artist both shy and conceited, introverted and extroverted, empathetic and self-

1 hour ago

Story and Self (Site / Info)


ESSA enrollment open now. Sign up for classes.

Enrollment in ESSA spring and summer classes opened yesterday and there were a flurry of signups taking advantage of a 10% early enrollment discount. Go to this site: http://essa-art.org/workshops/ Yo

3 hours ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)


“Humility is throwing oneself away in complete concentration on something or someone else.” ― Madeleine L’Engle What captivates your entire attention? The Daily Compass offers words and images to insp

4 hours ago

Daily Compass (Site / Info)


Don’t Worry Be Happy and Other Abusive Folk Wisdom

“Other people have it so much worse.” “Cheer up.” “It’s not that bad.” “You have so much to live for.” These clichés and memes are unhelpful and abusive and they need to disappear from our conversatio

5 hours ago

John Beckett (Site / Info)

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Murfin Winter Holidays Music Festival—Santa Lucia

Another day, another Saint.   Today we consider how a Sicilian virgin martyr and a Neapolitan song, became central to a Scandinavian folk custom that looks suspiciously pagan. In point of fact, no one

7 hours ago

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

winter solstice Norway Sweden crown of light Neopolitan song Santa Lucia Day Sicily St. Lucy virgin martyr

Valley Soul 2

Tonight I went to the second Valley Soul Gospel Workshop Choir. Last year I performed. This year I was in the audience. Considering how sick I was last week and that I would have missed a practice whi

12 hours ago

Ramblings of an EdMan (Site / Info)


Suburbanization (Dialectical Theology Part 4 of Many)

After World War 2, there was a housing shortage. Very little new housing had been built since the 1920’s. The Great Migration of African Americans from the South and the movement of rural people to th

14 hours ago

thelivelytradition (Site / Info)

UUSS Holiday Gift List

Our Annual Focus of Ministry includes an examination of the barriers to building beloved community. As many of you know, we have been experimenting with some technology for the hearing impaired using

15 hours ago

Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady (Site / Info)

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RE This Week – December 11th

This coming Sunday morning, 12/16, RE will be attending the multigenerational service at 10:30. Next Sunday, 12/23, RE will also be attending the multigenerational service.  RE classes will resume 1/6

15 hours ago

Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady (Site / Info)

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Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – December 11th

Dear UUSS community~ What a fabulous weekend! Thank you to all who volunteered, attended, and/or participated in Yuletide Revels!! Thank you to Music Team Chairs Sarah Bilofsky and Christine Bernard w

15 hours ago

Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady (Site / Info)

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Thank You for a Successful Make-Up Drive

The Trans Affirming Collective would like to thank all those who donated makeup, gift cards or toiletries for our Make-Up Drive for Just Us at Oasis Center. Together, we helped restock the Make-Up Bar

17 hours ago

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (Site / Info)

social justice news announcement Acting on our values in the broader world

Tuatha Dea Daughter accepted to Prestigious Summit

GATLINBURG, Tenn. –  Every year the Ambassador Leadership Summits organizes four summits. Three of them emphasize leadership, one at UCLA, another at Harvard Law, and another at Yale. The fourth summi

17 hours ago

The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

Paganism music Culture Education living U.S. Ambassador Leadership Summit

Enter Our Lady

    It was on this day in 1531 the Virgin of Guadalupe first appeared to the indigenous peasant Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin. The local bishop was convinced of the reality of the vision when the Virgin

18 hours ago

Monkey Mind (Site / Info)

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A short rant about "institutional racism"

"Racism is an attitude, and institutions can't have attitudes." —Adolph Reed When I shared that on Facebook, someone I'll call R questioned it, so I said: If racism is an institution, where is its hea

18 hours ago

it's all one thing (Site / Info)

Sunday, December 16 ~ Winter Solstice Service

This Sunday, UCMH celebrates the beauty of the season as we approach the shortest day of the year, a time filled with magic and mystery. Inspired by the words and wisdom of New York Times bestselling

20 hours ago

Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson (Site / Info)


Troubling Echoes of the Past in Trump’s Attorney General Pick

New White House nominee’s record on asylum poses grave concerns for human rights.

23 hours ago

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (Site / Info)

news human rights immigration trump administration migrants immigration justice asylum-seekers Attorney General migrant justice U.S. Government William P. Barr

From whence does Unitarian Univeralist well being arise?

If you act like a missionary you will get eaten by cannibals. Don't get too far ahead of those you would help. You should take people and things where they are at, not where you want them to be. Good

1 day ago

UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

covenant Tao Te Ching

Ask Alexa - Why do human beings suffer?

Alexa: Why do human beings suffer? Human beings suffer because they believe and act on the lies of the ego that it can make them happy.

1 day ago

UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)

Ask Alexa