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Second Annual UU Blog Awards

Results - Final Jan. 27th 2006

The following are the final results of the nomination process.

Best Religious Writing or Theological Commentary - Single entry

Best Religious Writing or Theological Commentary - Best of class

Best Review or Cultural Commentary

Best Anecdote or Narrative - Single-entry

Best Anecdote or Narrative - Best of class

Best Design or Use of Visuals

Best Links

Best Writing

Best Online Community or Group Blog

Best Non-UU-Themed Blog

Best UU-Themed Blog


My nomination of Red State Rebels under non-UU themes is wothy of note because its author, Julie Fanselow, a UU in Boise, Idaho, is maintaining a truly unique and badly needed blog. Here in backward Idaho we have the most unbalanced legislature in the country - 87% Republican. Very few progressives blog in Idaho, and Julie's is the very best of those few. Without her voice the scene for compassionate progressives would be almost blank. Jill Kuraitis, Boise Idaho