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shared on July 10ths

If you enjoy puzzles that have a physical component, replace a toilet in an old house. - _An amusing thing that OCR wanted to do to the Liavek ebook_ I'm proof-reading Liavek stories in order to start

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it's all one thing (Site / Info)

Resources on Rojava

A few people from the congregation I serve and from the broader Unitarian Universalist community have been asking me for more information on Rojava, the autonomous region in Northern Syria now under a

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Colin Bossen (Site / Info)

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Sermon: Pursuing Virtue: To Live a Good Life

as preached at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, Museum District campus, October 20, 2019 When I was twelve or thirteen one of my friends showed up to church in a suit. It was crisp

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Colin Bossen (Site / Info)

Ministry human rights anarchism Contemporary Politics

She Says That She Doesn’t Know Fear…

Recently at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston we’ve started doing a bilingual reading once a month. It is part of a larger project of using more Spanish in the service. We have a smal

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Colin Bossen (Site / Info)

Ministry Poetry and Creative Writing

Roaming Catholic Unitarian Univeralists: The Carl and Louise Story

Carl and Louise were both looking for a new church. They were in their late 50s, both had been raised Catholic, and had raised their 4 children as Catholic, but after the kids were grown and out of th

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UU A Way Of Life (Site / Info)


crafting self, family, community and human culture.

I have a contract coming in the mail for a new book that I hope will be called, "the Wisdom of our Hands: Crafting self, family, community and human culture." The publisher has the ultimate say on wha

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

Persistent Gentleness for ALL The Bodies

Remember, the 16th – THIS Thursday at 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 Eastern is our fantastic hour-long free workshop, “Make A Hard Choices That Feels Right.” RSVP to join us to learn about the Qualities of Des

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The Way of the River (Site / Info)


Telstar—Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control We Bring You the Chicago Cubs

There were a lot of firsts involved when Telstar 1 was launched a top of a Thor-Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida on July 10, 1962. It was the first active telecommunications satellite, capabl

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

NASA Chicago Cubs space communications satellite Telstar

The Great Beyond

Scientists have recently discovered that there are probably ten times as many galaxies in the universe as they had previously thought. Which means that our tiny lives belong to a web of existence that

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Daily Compass (Site / Info)


Release the Hounds, U.K. Edition: Aubrey Burl passes, damage to ancient oaks, and Cerne Abbas Giant findings

A round-up of some of the latest news from the United Kingdom of interest to Pagans. Continue reading Release the Hounds, U.K. Edition: Aubrey Burl passes, damage to ancient oaks, and Cerne Abbas Gian

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The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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Margy and I finally had a chance to see the movie version of the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical Hamilton.  We loved it. I have seen many reviews and commentary on the musical, and I love its capacity to g

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Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

music racism activism #blacklivesmatter Awake to Each Other revolution Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda Social Change police brutality Annette Gordon-Reed

Like Coronavirus, the Atlantic Hurricane Season Exposes Inequality for Indigenous Communities

The annual hurricane season drastically impacts Indigenous communities in places like Louisiana, who face high levels of displacement and lack of government support.

1 day ago

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (Site / Info)

Grassroots Partnerships

Almost 5,000 attend Virtual General Assembly

Christopher L. Walton UUA’s first online-only General Assembly calls for solidarity with Indigenous communities, supports defunding police, and formalizes human rights investment screen.

1 day ago

uuworld.org: latest stories (Site / Info)

Widening the Circle

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firstuunash.org (Site / Info)

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Meditation on Candles

The part of me that is still Catholic by heritage cannot stop lighting candles. The part of me that is Pagan uses them to cast spells and set intentions. The part of me that is Human is learning that

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The Journey So Far (Site / Info)

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Pinch me, please...

Yesterday I finished inlaying 36 pencil cups and 50 business card holders. I also started a new design smaller box and received prototype cedar boxes back from the engraver. These are not the reasons

1 day ago

Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

The Early Outlier—A Forgotten Prophet of Pre-Revolutionary Boston

The Rev. Jonathan Mayhew--a religious and political radical and visionary of old Boston. When the Rev. Jonathan Mayhew died in Boston on July 9, 1766 his moral, religious, and political legacywas far

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

Universalism Boston Unitarianism .American Revolution Jonathan Mayhew New England Standing Order Sons of Liberty Puritanism

Prayer in Your Hands

In Catholic tradition a rosary is used to keep track of the number of specific prayers one has said. But a rosary or other prayer beads also connects prayer to the body as beads slip through the finge

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Daily Compass (Site / Info)


The Presence of the Gods

An atheist blogger says “part of the case against God is the sheer absence of God.” His problem is the assumption that either the Christian God exists or no Gods exist. For those of us who follow one

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John Beckett (Site / Info)

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