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To My Followers, the hangers-on at the Saloon and Road Show

 I have recently discovered that since I changed my email address, all the comments you've made over the past many months, even years, have not been forwarded on to me for moderation.  I have now chan

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Ms. Kitty's Saloon and Road Show (Site / Info)

Midweek Message August 18, 2022

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Uncategorized From the Office Mid-Week Message

FUUN Weekly E-blast August 18-25, 2022

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Uncategorized From the Office Mid-Week Message


I'm in Indianapolis this week with the Central Indiana Woodworkers https://ciww.org We had great attendance last night for my presentation. It is an amazing group, very dedicated to education and serv

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Wisdom of the Hands (Site / Info)

To Be of Use

Yesterday morning, I was sitting next to the pond, writing in my journal. After I’d been there, and quiet for a long time, this chipmunk approached the other side of the pond, climbed down the rocks a

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Finding Our Way Home (Site / Info)

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A Lost Colony and the Lasting Mystery of Virginia Dare

  This popular and widely circulated 19th Century print purports to depict the christening of Virginia Dare.  Wrong on several counts.  She may have been christened, but there was no clergyman or deac

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

John White Queen Elizabeth I Royal charter Croatoan disappear Lost Colony DNA Project Outer Banks Roanoke Colony Saponi Virginia Dare Walter Raleigh

8 Pieces of Bad Advice

I don’t take advice. I listen and I evaluate, and if something makes sense to me and for me, I’ll try it. If it doesn’t I ignore it – and I ignore a lot. This is the worst advice I’ve received over th

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John Beckett (Site / Info)

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“Stealing from others:” The continuing plagiarism of Pagan books

The issues of plagiarism continue to impact authors and publishers alike and are compounded by so many books being available in digital format. Continue reading “Stealing from others:” The continuing

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The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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The Last Time

The last time I went to Israel, the world was evidently ending. It was near to the end of 1999, and people were feeling frantic about the arrival of Y2K and start of the second millennium in the commo

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The Reverend Dr. (Site / Info)

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Make “A Warm Welcome” Part of your “New Normal”

Sharon Dittmar Any time someone enters online or in-person congregational space, there are several opportunities for multiple connection points from which a long-term relationship can continue and gro

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UUA Top Stories (Site / Info)

UUSC Partner Gatherings Co-Create Space to Discuss Climate Crisis

Summer convening brings together Pacific Island partners to discuss climate change.

1 day ago

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (Site / Info)

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The Original Bombshell—Mae West Introduced Americans to—Gasp!—Sex

                                               Mae West as we remember her best--blonde and brazen. She was a tiny lady, barely five foot tall.  It was more than her trademark Gay 90’s plumed hats tha

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

A Second Day at the Fringe

The reviews from our second day at the Fringe.

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Colin Bossen (Site / Info)

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“Imagining How a More Just World Might Feel”: The Life & Legacy of Woody Guthrie

I first came to Woody Guthrie (1912-1967) by way of Bob Dylan (1941-). Regarding Guthrie’s influence on him, Dylan said, “You could listen to his songs and actually learn how to live” (Seymour, 21). 

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Carl Gregg (Site / Info)


Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – Aug. 16th

Our Co-ministers, the Rev. Lynn Gardner and the Rev. Wendy Bartel are on study leave. As the UUA describes it, “In recognition that Ministers need extended time away from the stresses and demands of d

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Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady (Site / Info)

Co-Ministers' Blog Blogs & Highlights

Religious Education News – Aug. 16th

Religious Education classes will resume Sunday, 9/25! Please register your child(ren) by clicking HERE . Below is a list of this year’s awesome Religious Education (RE) offerings…</p> OWL!  (Our Whole

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Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady (Site / Info)

Religious Education Blog Blogs & Highlights

Irish Medieval manuscripts and Viking settlements

Research into Norse occupation and influence in Ireland highlights the creation of the major cities and how Irish medieval manuscripts reflected the shifts in culture. Continue reading Irish Medieval

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The Wild Hunt (Site / Info)

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The COVID Era is the Latest Episode of Medical Scapegoating of Asian Immigrants

By Catherine Ceniza Choy | Since 2020, Asian Americans in the United States have experienced dual existential crises: anti-Asian violence and COVID-19. According to Stop AAPI Hate, nearly 11,500 hate

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Beacon Broadside: A Project of Beacon Press (Site / Info)

History Race and Ethnicity in America Asian American Histories of the United States Catherine Ceniza Choy

Holding complexity on the Inflation Reduction Act

Climate change is a complex problem. There are no easy answers and often more questions. Holding complexity is part of the work we must do to realize a healthy and resilient future where all can thriv

1 day ago

Blog - Side With Love (Site / Info)

Climate Justice

Chang and Eng—Sideshow Freaks Became Southern Aristocrats

                                                         Chang and Eng as young men on exhibition in Asia. On August 16, 1829 two young immigrant brothers arrived in Boston.   Nothing much unusual in

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Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout (Site / Info)

North Carolina American Civil War slaves P.T. Barnum Adelaide and Sarah Yates Alex Sink Chang and Eng Butler co-joined twins Mount Airy plantation Siamese Twins stage exhibitions