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Black Children Are Never Seen As Children (6th Anniversary post)

I’ll never forget August 9, 2014. Yet, this post is not about Mike Brown. If you’ve paid attention to the news this last week, two things happened that have stayed stuck in my mind. The first…Aurora,

08/09/2020 11:28:58 PM

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Can White People Be Saved?

Sen. Tom Cotton said in an interview that was published today that slavery was a necessary evil. Dr. Lawrence Mead, professor of public policy and political science at NYU, just had an article publish

07/27/2020 03:26:12 AM

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(Southern) Trees Bear Strange Fruit, Blood on the Leaves and Blood at the Root

There  was a literal lynch mob formed last week in Wilmington, North Carolina and nearly dragged out the young man who lived in the house that the mob went to. Lead by a sheriff’s deputy, no less. Pol

05/12/2020 03:45:03 AM

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Ain’t Gonna Study War No More

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. My father’s twin brother died on Holy Saturday and was buried Monday. However, since the pandemic has made it impossible for large groups to gather, there were only

04/23/2020 01:02:57 AM

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When God Is White, White Is God (What Should Have Been A “Last Day of Black History Month” Thought)

In many white Christian contexts, theology produced by racial minorities comes with an assumption of heresy and heterodoxy. The implicit message from many [conservative] white pastors and professors i

03/02/2020 01:14:50 AM

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