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His Name Is NOT “Killmonger” (Thoughts on Names and Naming)

With the Oscars happening two days ago, there has been an increase in thought pieces about the movies that nominated for Best Picture*. Because I’m always looking at what people are saying about Black

3 weeks ago

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Beyond Anti-Racism 101?…or, Black Theology for Religious Liberals

Between being utterly stupefied with the enduring white fascination with blackface and adjusting to having a 2-month-old around*, I’ve been thinking about the end of the Whose Faith Is It Anyway conve

02/05/2019 03:26:50 AM

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Strange Fruit…or, Why We Are Still Having To Deal With Blackface

Anthony Pinn wrote, “Black bodies are complex signs that represent something both appealing and repulsive for the society in which we dwell.” The beginning of Black History Month has been a doozy, I t

02/04/2019 01:35:19 AM

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Who We Learn

I should be writing about the attack on Jussie Smollett, but all I can see is that noose around his neck. So I won’t write about that I have a question for the religious professionals reading this. We

01/31/2019 11:40:33 PM

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One More Thing…..(Don’t Preach King On King Sunday pt.2)

Dr. King’s birthday was yesterday. He would have been 90. On Monday there is the national holiday to honor him. But in some states, Dr. King doesn’t get the day to himself. Because in those states, Dr

01/16/2019 03:38:39 PM

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