Random Site

At one point I had a request from someone to add the capability to generate at a random link to one of the many fine sites tracked by UUpdates. So I figured.. why not? The original version pulled out a full list and let the client pick a site at random. This has some benefits for caching, keep a copy, but is generally inefficient. This new version just gives you a link and corresponding title of the randomly select site.

Step 1 - Random URL Javascript

First your page must load the Javascript from UUpdates on your site. The following code will randomly select from any site in the database:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://uupdates.nethttps://uupdates.net/sites/randjs"></script>

Step 2 - Call the Random URL function with your own Javascript

Then simply reference the randomuulink() function from within another Javascript. You can change the wording of the link within this Javascript.

<script language="Javascript">
document.write("<a href=\"");
document.write("\">Random UU Site</a>");

For example:

For fun, there is also a page that will show random site details.