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A new film remembers Walter, con “Mucho, Mucho Amor”

Manny Tejeda-Moreno reviews "Mucho Mucho Amor," a new documentary about the astrologer Walter Mercado. Continue reading A new film remembers Walter, con “Mucho, Mucho Amor” at The Wild Hunt.

22 hours ago

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Column: Culling Abundance

Clio Ajana celebrates Kronia with a meditation on culling the unnecessary that we might appreciate the core experience of life. Continue reading Column: Culling Abundance at The Wild Hunt.

1 day ago

Paganism Family suicide living Perspectives Witchcraft Lammas Lughnasadh abundance Kronia sabbats Sabbat pandemic COVID-19 Zoom autonomous nervous system cull dating eviction moratorium prescribed burns zumping

Column: Wyrd Science – Viking Equity in the Coronavirus Age

Karl E.H. Seigfried delves into the Viking-era virtue of "hóf," or "moderation," and how its spirit of community ties should matter to modern Heathens in the age of the coronavirus. Continue reading C

2 days ago

Paganism Culture politics equity living Perspectives Heathenry Asatru Christine Hoff Kraemer Green Party Iceland Vikings Hof Viking Age wyrd coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 weird Angela Walker berserkers Jesse Byock moderation urðr

The “witch camps” of Ghana

The "witch camps" of Ghana protect women accused of practicing "witchcraft" from further abuse or even death. Continue reading The “witch camps” of Ghana at The Wild Hunt.

3 days ago

Paganism news human rights Women's rights Witchcraft World Africa Witch Hunts Ghana West Africa witch camps

The dangers of the “DemonSpermDoctor”

A Houston physician is gaining attention for controversial claims about witches causing disease, statements that can have devastating consequences on women and the elderly in other parts of the world.

5 days ago

Paganism news U.S. Witchcraft World SAPRA Africa Heather Greene Pentecostal Stella Immanuel