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Pagan Community Notes: Petition for national St. Brigid holiday in Ireland, “witch bottle” found in Va., Machu Picchu vandalized and more!

In this week's Pagan Community Notes, a new petition for a national St. Brigid holiday in Ireland, a "witch bottle" has found in Va., Machu Picchu vandalized by tourists, an ancient Egyptian priest sp

10 hours ago

Paganism news U.S. TWH Features Pagan Community Notes Witchcraft The Wild Hunt Archaeology Witch bottles Machu Picchu Herstory Light Festival St Brigid Day

Editorial: Espinoza vs. Montana would undermine the First Amendment

Weekend Editor Eric O. Scott discusses the effect Espinoza vs. Montana would have on religious minorities if affirmed by the US Supreme Court. Continue reading Editorial: Espinoza vs. Montana would un

1 day ago

Paganism news politics public schools religious freedom Perspectives U.S. Witchcraft Supreme Court of the United States Editorial United States First Amendment Espinoza vs Montana Board of Revenue Montana

Column: Innangard and Utangard – Problematic Roots of Heathen Dualism

Karl E.H. Seigfried explores the linguistic roots of the Heathen concepts of "innangard" and "utangard," and traces their modern conception back to the völkisch scholar Vilhelm Grønbech. Continue read

2 days ago

Paganism politics polytheism Perspectives The Troth Heathen Asatru Asatru Folk Assembly norse mythology Thor Edda Snorri Sturluson innangarð History of the Danes Saxo Grammaticus asatru free assembly culture of the teutons utangard utgard-loki vilhelm grønbech

Insecticides have become more toxic to honeybees

New research published this week shows the drastic increase insecticides pose to bees. Continue reading Insecticides have become more toxic to honeybees at The Wild Hunt.

3 days ago

Paganism news politics environment U.S. bees Witchcraft U.K.

New twist in the proposed Stonehenge Tunnel project

TWH revisits the Stonehenge Tunnel project as new calls to halt the proposed route are voiced, citing potential negative impacts to both the Stonehenge monument as well as the surrounding area. Contin

4 days ago

Paganism news Witchcraft U.K. Stonehenge UNESCO UK A303 Stonehenge Expressway Scheme Salisbury Plain