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Column: The Unresolved Persecution of a Brazillian Occultist

Guest columnist Raphael Tsavkko Garcia reports on a case of an occultist who was framed for the murder of two children in southern Brazil. Continue reading Column: The Unresolved Persecution of a Braz

13 hours ago

Paganism news Brazil Perspectives Witchcraft World guest post syncretism Satanic Panic Satanism murder Gravataí Moloch Neo-Pentecostal Novo Hamborgo Pentecostal Silvio Fernandes Rodrigues Templo de Lucifer

The great hunt for Witch bottles project

LONDON – The United Kingdom Arts and Humanities Research Council is currently funding a project based on witch bottles, in an effort to understand more about this type of practice. It’s being helmed b

1 day ago

Paganism Culture news Witchcraft U.K. UK Bartmann bottles Museum of London Archaeology witch bottle

The Immolation of the Temple of Time

TWH's Sean McShee reports on the immolation of the Temple of Time last weekend, and how it resonates Pagans and their practices of transformation. Continue reading The Immolation of the Temple of Time

2 days ago

Paganism Culture news U.S. David Best Temple of Time Marjory Stoneman Douglas Parkland school shooting

Interview with Lucien Greaves

Controversial in Pagan communities as well, The Satanic Temple's work on religious and personal freedoms has aligned with many Pagan and poytheistic social values. TWH interviews Lucien Greaves about

3 days ago

Paganism Religion news religious freedom U.S. The Satanic Temple Baphomet Women's reproductive rights Hail Satan? Lucien Greaves

Pagan Community Notes: PUF manages through white supremacist gathering, lawsuit citing 1st Amendment against VA, and more!

In this weeks Pagan community News, the Pagan Unity Festival occured at the same time and same place as white supremacist gathering, Religious materials, including Wiccan materials, removed in VA disp

4 days ago

Paganism news White Supremacy religious freedom U.S. TWH Features Pagan Community Notes Witchcraft U.K. World The Wild Hunt Pagan Unity Festival Wicca NASA Neopaganism Artemis