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Living through Extreme Weather: Finding Empowerment through Relationships with the Land

Our correspondent, Elyse Welles, reflects on how relationship with the land fortifies her during extreme weather. Continue reading Living through Extreme Weather: Finding Empowerment through Relations

23 hours ago

Paganism Perspectives Greece Witchcraft opinion Europe floods extreme weather Fires

Expert panel updates blood pressure treatment guidelines to include meditation and mindfulness

A panel of experts and several international organizations recommend meditation, yoga, and mindfulness as additional tools to help fight high blood pressure. Continue reading Expert panel updates bloo

1 day ago

Paganism meditation news science stress mental health Witchcraft The Wild Hunt Storm Faerywolf Andrea Joy hypertension

Brazil’s Indigenous People win landmark victory

a major decision by Brazil's Supreme Court enshrines Indigenous land rights. Continue reading Brazil’s Indigenous People win landmark victory at The Wild Hunt.

2 days ago

Paganism news Brazil Indigenous Rights World Indigenous Latin America Amazon Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation (APIB) Jair Bolsonaro Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Pagan Community Notes: Week of September 25, 2023

In this week's Pagan Community Notes: Pietas petitions Italian government for further recognition, Dievturbi in Latvia received recognition to officiate weddings, events, happenings and the Dumbo Octo

3 days ago

Paganism news U.S. TWH Features Pagan Community Notes Witchcraft World Europe Pagan pride European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER) Pietas – Comunità Gentile Latvijas Dievturu Sadraudze Dumbo Octopus Pagan Rights

Classics of Pagan Cinema: Orphée

"The poet wrings a forever from Death, the only lover he will ever have who can really promise him that." Meg Elison reviews Jean Cocteau's 1950 classic ORPHEUS as part of our Classics of Pagan Cinema

4 days ago

Paganism Death Culture Dreams reviews TWH Features Witchcraft Arts & Culture Film & TV Reviews film review Classics of Pagan Cinema Jean Cocteau French cinema Orpheus