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Pilgrimages: Brigid’s Blessing

TWH correspondent Elyse Welles shares the magic of her spiritual travel to Ireland and Brigid's Well. Continue reading Pilgrimages: Brigid’s Blessing at The Wild Hunt.

8 hours ago

Paganism Religion travel Ireland living Perspectives U.S. TWH Features Witchcraft U.K. World brigid Cliffs of Moher Brigid's Well Pilgrimages County Clare Spiritual Travel

Second annual Gareth Knight Conference held in Glastonbury

The Gareth Knight Conference held its second annual event in Glastonbury which is centered on Knight's influential and immense body of work concerning esotericism, occult and magical studies and pract

1 day ago

Paganism news living Magic U.S. Witchcraft U.K. World Wicca occult Dion Fortune esoteric Gareth Knight Gareth Knight Group Rebsie Fairholm Society of the Inner Light Dr. Steven Critchley Gareth Knight Conference 2023 Hawkwood College Helios Books Jon Poston Julie Petrie

Pagan Community Notes: Week of March 27, 2023

In this week's Pagan Community Notes, an update on the Apache Stronghold case, Four Dances site defaced with Nazi symbols, antiquities returned and more news. Continue reading Pagan Community Notes: W

2 days ago

Paganism Religion news science native american law U.S. TWH Features Pagan Community Notes Circle Sanctuary Witchcraft World The Wild Hunt Yvonne Aburrow Archaeology Frederick PPD Grey School of Wizardry Middle East Chi'chil Bildagoteel Apache Stronghold Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) Indigenous Americans aurora borealis The Goddess Temple Alba Scottish Goddess Conference 2023 Changing Paths Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Pagan and Heathen Political and Social Metrics survey


I have never considered myself either a woman or a man. From the first days of my exploration, I was very clear that my identity was something else, a trickster-slick and shifting thing that slipped p

3 days ago

Paganism Transgender Loki gender living LGBTQ tarot Perspectives Witchcraft Heathen gender identity Hermes Dionysus Æsir jotun Transgender Day of Visibility

Boxing with Thor

I read accounts of the Old Way in its day with love and longing. I am profoundly moved when I read the sayings of Odin, whether by myself, in communion with the kindred, or discussing them with colleg

4 days ago

Paganism Culture Interfaith Books conversion living Perspectives Heathenry Pink Floyd Heathen Asatru Odin Thor Vikings Thor's hammer Jesus Christ Lost Cause boxing the who Roger Waters magazines bookstores boxers boxing monthly jack johnson john entwistle lost causes old way ray davies the kinks the ring thor's beard used books