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Opinion: Thor, Odin, and the High Cost of Fundamentalism

Karl E.H. Seigfried delves into the ways we interpret and misinterpret the texts that shape our lives - whether those texts are Old Icelandic poems or the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Co

22 hours ago

Paganism Culture Poetry Fundamentalism politics Supreme Court Constitution democrats Perspectives Heathenry Militia Asatru Odin opinion norse mythology Thor Poetic Edda Republicans Havamal school shootings J.R.R. Tolkien Edda Snorri Sturluson Icelandic sagas Old Norse World Serpent Old Icelandic gun laws Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon Clarence Thomas Uvalde amendments concealed carery Hymiskviða law enforcement literalism Mark Joseph Stern open carry right to bear arms Second Amendment

Column: Safe Travels in Troubled Times

I love to travel by car, train, or boat. Whether a planned trip or an impulse adventure, making the most of an opportunity to revisit familiar and well-remembered places or explore new settings always

1 day ago

Paganism travel Home living Buffalo Perspectives Witchcraft Angie Buchanan psychopomp astral travel Earth Traditions Uvalde

Megadrought in California leads some to rely on “water witching” for crops

As the drought in California continues and expands with no end in sight, officials consider implementing more restrictions on water use. Continue reading Megadrought in California leads some to rely o

2 days ago

Paganism climate change news U.S. Witchcraft World The Environment California drought

SCOTUS says taxpayer funds can support religious education

The most recent ruling handed down by the Supreme Court in Carson v. Makin has potentially serious implications for the future of the separation of church and state but the potential to benefit Pagan

3 days ago

Paganism Religion Cherry Hill Seminary news Religious Education Education politics law religious freedom U.S. Witchcraft World The Wild Hunt Supreme Court of the United States Holli Emore Supreme Court of the United States cases Americans United for Separation of Church and State Carson v. Makin

Pagan Community Notes: Week of June 20, 2022

In this week's Pagan Community Notes, Cernunnos status draws complaints, Sesame Street's Wicked Witch footage found, a protest about the Parthenon Marbles, and more news. Continue reading Pagan Commun

4 days ago

Paganism news Cernunnos U.S. TWH Features Pagan Community Notes Witchcraft U.K. British Museum World The Wild Hunt Glastonbury Tor Stonehenge Summer Solstice Europe Parthenon marble sculptures Royal Hillsborough Forest Park