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Communion (Video)

This video was part of an installation (see below) at an event called "COMMUNION" at Shift Cardiff, curated by Lumin Journal. It was an event "responding to communion, communication, language and text

4 days ago

From liberalism to radicalism

I've been reflecting recently on the journey I've been making from liberalism to radicalism, and how I'm beginning to see it as a necessary evolution if you're not going to get stuck in a kind of imma

1 week ago

Unitarian Christianity

(I'm reproducing this here, as it looks like the full text of this is only on one other website, and if that got taken down the text would not be easily available on the internet. I wouldn't want this

4 weeks ago

Darsana - to be seen by the divine

People in relationships do not always need words to communicate. Lovers stare into each other's eyes; a suckling baby looks contentedly to its mother. There is the silence of bodily communion. This is

02/17/2019 03:30:00 PM