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Prometheus, part two

The next installment of the Prometheus myth: As usual, full script is below. Epimetheus: Prometheus, the human beings are so weak and defenseless. Prometheus: I have a plan. I’m going up to Mount Olym

21 hours ago

Religious Education Prometheus Athena Zeus Poseidon Story for All Ages video series


I’ve been looking for a way to extend our congregation’s asynchronous learning, and one of the online tools I’ve looked at is is basically an online interactive bulletin board.

4 days ago

Religious Education

Prometheus, part one

William R. Jones, UU theologian and one-time religious educator, pointed out may years ago that the myth of Prometheus serves as a useful counter to the myth of Adam and Eve. For Adam and Eve, rebelli

1 week ago

Religious Education Prometheus Story for All Ages video series William R. Jones

What do you see?

What do you see in this photo? At the literal level, here’s what I see: a White presidential candidate kneeling in front of half a dozen Black men, at least one Black woman, and another White man. I s

1 week ago

Arts & Culture

UU theologies: Hosea Ballou’s Universalism

Here’s the first short lecture I used in last night’s online class on Unitarian Universalist (UU) theologies: For accessibility, the text of the lecture is below. Note that I may have altered the text

1 week ago

Theology Universalism racism Mark Morrison-Reed Hosea Ballou