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Reading list: Hans-Georg Gadamer

I just finished re-reading Jean Grondin’s Hans-Georg Gadamer: A Biography (trans. Joel Weinsheimer, part of Yale Studies in Hermeneutics series, 2011). I read this biography not long after it came out

1 day ago

Hans-Georg Gadamer Arts & Culture


Beech leaf disease (BLD) has arrived in Cohasset. I’m seeing leaves on American Beeches withering and dropping off both in Wheelwright Park and in the Whitney Thayer Woods. In some places, stands of b

3 days ago

Ecojustice global climate change invasive species


Actually, they’re no longer called Unidentified Flying Objects, but rather Unidentified Anamolous Phenomena (UAP). According to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, there were 144 UAP

4 days ago

Pop Culture new religious movements UFOs


I awakened this morning in the grip of an unpleasant memory. The memory was from the end of the last semester of my last year of undergraduate study. I had majored in philosophy because it had the lea

1 week ago


The next frontier

We all know about the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic church. It continues to get a lot of press, to the point where if you say “child sexual abuse” a lot of people immediately think “Catholic church

1 week ago

Ethics Political culture sexual abuse crisis