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An obscure Unitarian in the 1918 pandemic

Helen Katharien Kreps was a Unitarian theological student who died of influenza in 1919. She was born Oct., 1894, in North Dakota, when her father was based at Fort Totten, then on the Indian frontier

8 hours ago

Religion: people & places Unitarians in Palo Alto Helen Katharine Kreps


We had a long dry spell which lasted through most of January and February. The soil got dry, and not much was growing. March has brought us some rain, and finally the soil is getting damp again. Altho

1 day ago

Bay area, Calif. Fungi

National Emergency Library

The Internet Archive has opened up their collection of 1.4 million books with no waiting list during the COVID-19 crisis. They’re trying to support schools which are doing online learning, and trying

2 days ago

Book culture COVID 19

The mystery of the misattributed hymn

One of my favorite hymns about peace begins: Years are coming — speed them onward! When the sword shall gather rust, And the helmet, lance, and falchion, Sleep at last in silent dust! This hymn has mo

3 days ago

Universalist history Practical religion Musical arts hymnody Adin Ballou

Who’s responsible for supporting the poor?

Ralph Drollinger, former professional basketball player and now the leader of Capitol Ministries in Washington, D.C., leads Bible studies for old white guys in power. He can boast that 11 of the 15 me

4 days ago

Political culture Old white guys in power