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Family tree for Unitarian Universalism

Drew asked about a “family tree” for the Unitarian Universalism, and as it happens I had drawn one back in 2003, so I revised it and sent it to him. It might be of interest to others: This family tree

1 week ago

Hosea Ballou Universalist history Religious institutions Unitarian history Calvinism John Murray Eliza Tupper Wilkes Judith Sargent Murray Primitive Baptist Universalists William Jackson

The Pool of Enchantment, or the Riddle Contest

Another in a series of stories for liberal religious kids, this one from the Mahabharata. Adapted from The Indian Story Book: Containing Tales from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and Other Early Sourc

1 week ago

Religious Education Religion: people & places Hinduism Mahabharata

Goat finale

Today, the owner of the goats came to pick them up. He and his helper backed the goat trailer up to where the goats were penned in. While the humans were dismantling the electric fence, they let the g

2 weeks ago

Bay area, Calif. San Mateo goats

Pete Seeger

Yesterday would have been Pete Seeger’s one hundredth birthday, had he not died in 2014. In preparation for a Pete Seeger sing-along at church tomorrow, I’ve been reading through the songs in his book

2 weeks ago

Musical arts Pete Seeger Unitarian Universalist history


Abby asked me to post more photos of the goats. Here are two portraits:

3 weeks ago

Bay area, Calif. San Mateo goats