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Ambrose Bierce—The Writer Who Was the Devil Himself

                           Ambrose Bierce in 1892. Ambrose Bierce was born on June 24, 1842 in Meigs County, Ohio, the tenth of fourteen children of a poor, but literary minded couple.  The family rel

14 hours ago

San Francisco Civil War Ambrose Bierce An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Mexican Revolution Pancho Villa Shiloh The Devil's Dictionary Topographical Engineers Gen. William Hazen

Compassion for Campers Joins New Comprehensive Service Event for the Unhoused

Compassion for Campers , the program that provides camping gear and equipment to the McHenry Countyunhoused, is proud to join a new comprehensive service event, Community Empower Shower on Friday, Jun

1 day ago

Tree of Life UU Congregation McHenry County Homeless Compassion for Campers Community Empower Shower social services Willow Crystal Lake

The GI Bill—the Steroids that Bulked Up the White Middle Class and Left Blacks Behind

President Franklin Roosevelt passes a pen used in signing the GI Bill in 1944. Note —If you want an example of how deeply engrained White privilege has benefited millions while largely excluding Black

2 days ago

World War II Bonus March education benefits Franklin D. Roosevelt GI Bill of Rights Montgomery GI Bill Mortgages Post-9/11 GI Bill post-war recession segregation Veterans unemployment

National Heroine Laura Secord Roused an Army to Repel Perfidious Invaders

A depiction of Laura Secord, her dress in tatters form a 20 mile trek, meeting Lt. James FitzGibbon to warn of an impending attack on his outpost.  Uniforms were not accurately presented.   208 years

3 days ago

Canada War of 1812 American Revolution Niagara Frontier American invasion Battle of Beaver Dam James FitzGibbon Laura Secord Loyalists Queenstown

Summer Solstice/Father’s Day—Calendar Coincidence Murfin Verse

The Green Man, pagan ruler of Midsummer. Father’s Day once again will fall on the Summer Solstice which will be today, June 20 at 10:31 pm Central Daylight Time.  Such a calendar coincidence moved me

4 days ago

Murfin Verse Summer Solstice Father's Day the Green Man