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Abolitionist, Novelist, Polymath William Wells Brown—An Almost Forgotten Footnote

William Wells Brown in 1847 at the time of the publication of his first book of memoirs. His life was as compelling as any character her ever created—up from illiterate slavery to international celebr

11 hours ago

Boston kentucky novelist Civil War Frederick Douglass abolitionism Buffalo New York St. Louis Europe Elijah P. Lovejoy fugitive slave playwright Riverboat Underground Railroad William Wells Brown

How Aaron Burr Almost Became President

They were supposed to be Democratic Republican running mates but ended up with a tie vote in the Electoral College throwing the race into the House of Representatives. It was called the Revolution of

1 day ago

House of Representatives . Thomas Jefferson John Adams Democratic Republicans Electoral College Election of 1800 Federalists Vice President Revolution of 1800 :Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr tie

Richard Reilly, Tireless Champion of Solidarity and Justice Completed His Mission—Presente!

Richard Reilly as a Street Medic at a 2015 Chicago May Day March. When news of the passing of Richard Reilly hit Facebook on Tuesday the internet exploded with messages of grief, condolences, and memo

2 days ago

IWW Chicago Action Medical Street Medics Christine Geovanis Free Derry James Connolly Palestine PFLP Ramallah Seven Richard Reilly solidarity campaigns UFW boycotts

The Valentine’s Day in America—Murfin Verse

Target company made perfect modern American Valentine's Day gift.... Note:   This entry appeared on this blog on February 14, 2018. My Facebook news feed predictably erupted on Tuesday with the news o

3 days ago

Facebook Valentine's Day Murfin Verse mass shootings Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Northern Illinois University Robby Ravenswood St. Valentine's Day Massacre

W.E.B Dubois, Ida B. Wells, and White Liberals Give Birth to the NAACP

Leading NAACP founders. Yesterday was not only the birthday of the Great Emancipator, but also of the anniversary of the founding of America’s oldest Civil Rights organization, the National Associatio

4 days ago

civil rights mass moral march North Carolina Ida B. Welles NAACP Henry Moscowitz Mary White Ovington Niagara Movement THe Crisis W..E.B. Dubois William Barber II