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Long Before Google Answers Were Found at the Office of Addresses and Encounters

Mid-17th Century London, London bridge on the right. On September 29, 1650 Henry Robinson, a noted religious dissenter, philosopher, writer , merchant, and sometimes government official, opened the Of

14 hours ago

It’s not Finding What’s Always Been There But Realizing What You’ve Got

Alexander Flemming in his Laboratory at St. Mary's Hospital, London. On September 28, 1924 Dr . Alexander Fleming, a Scottish physician and researcher, stumbled on one of the most significant accident

1 day ago

World War II Discovery Nobel Prize for Medicine Alexander Flemming anti-bacteria drug resistance Ernst Chain Howard Florey mold Penicillin

The Train Wreck Ballad That Became Country Music’s First Hit

  The wreck of the Fast Mail not only inspired the song, but this dramatic painting by rationalist master Thomas Hart Benton. There seems to be something about a train wreck that inspires a song.   Ju

2 days ago

Thomas Hart Benton Baldwin locomotive David C. George Fast Mail Fred Jackson Lewey Joseph A. Broady Southern Railroad The Wreck of the Ol' 97 Charles Noell Spencer North Carolina Vernon Dahlhart

The Parthenon is a Maimed but Grand Survivor of Antiquity

The Parthenon was originally brightly painted. Sitting on top of the Acropolis, the stony high point of Athens, the Parthenon in all of its ruined glory is one of the most famous structures in the wor

3 days ago

A Goyish Take on Yom Kippur and UU Appropriation—Murfin Verse

This poem has appeared on this blog at least many times for Yom Kippur.   I guess that this makes it an official tradition. It was inspired not only by my genuine admiration for the Holy Day, but by a

4 days ago

Unitarian Universalism Yom Kippur cultural appropriation Murfin Verse Judaism Day of Atonement High Holy Days