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Calendar Coincidence Verse—International Day of Peace-Autumnal Equinox

Calendar coincidence--Peace and Autumnal Equinox. This is another one of the calendar poems inspired by random, or not so random, coincidences of dates, usually discovered as I am in a mad scramble fo

18 hours ago

war Murfin Verse United Nations Calendar coincidences International Day of Peace autumnal equinox Youth Climate Strike

All in for the Global Climate Strike Today

Young people are leading the global Climate Strike Movement. Millions of folks from around the world will turn out today for massive actionssparked by the literal life and death crisis of the environm

1 day ago

Chicago New York City Extinction Rebellion Greta Thunberg climate emergency climate denial Murfin sign UN Climate Conference Youth Climate Strike

The Excruciating Death of James A. Garfield—A Case of Medical Malpractice

President James A. Garfield being treated by doctors at the White House after being shot.  The wound was serious, but should not have been fatal.  Attempts to probe for the bullet--often with unwashed

2 days ago

assassination Robert Todd Lincoln Alexander Graham Bell Charles J. Guiteau Chester Alan Arthur Civil Service reform infection James A. Garfield James G. Blaine medical malpractice Stalwarts

Déjà vu—ICE Reactance Echoes Fugitive Slave Law Divisions

U.S. Marshall and a slave catcher attempt to capture a Black woman and child under the Fugitive Slave Act. The infamous Fugitive Slave Act was passed by Congress on September 18, 1850.   It was one pa

3 days ago

Mexican War John C. Calhoun Underground Railroad Daniel Webster abolitionists Compromise of 1850 Fugitive Slave Act Henry Clary ICE Resistance Missouri Compromise Popular Sovereignty Stephen Douglas

Accept No Substitutes! Only Diez y Seis de Septiembre is Mexican Independence Day

Revolution and religion mix in this homage to Padre Miguel Hidalgo with the banner of the Virgen de Guadalupe and an angel bending to kiss his brow. Note:   A day late but still apt.   Versions of thi

4 days ago

Cinco de Mayo Diez y Seis de Septiembre Mexican Independence Day Criollos El Grito de Delores Enrique Peña Nieto Gachupines Ignacio Allende Indios meztizos Padre Miguel Hidalgo Virgin of Guadalupe