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George Washington Stares Down a Coup

Washington's Newbugh Address quashed a coup d' etat against Congress and military rule. The American Revolution in the military sense was essentially over in March of 1783 except for minor skirmishes

5 days ago

.American Revolution Continental Congress George Washington mutiny Henry Knox Continental Army :Alexander Hamilton coup d' etat Horatio Gates Newburgh Address Newburgh conspiracy Robert Morris

And a Child Shall Lead Them—Youth Climate Strike March 15

The spark to a wold-wide movement--Greta Thunberg's on child strike for the climate in Stockholm. Beware the Ides of March ye plutocrats, oligarchs, planet rapers, and thumb-twiddlers!   The Children

6 days ago

Sweden Greta Thunberg Alexandria Villasenor Davos Global Strike for Future Haven Coleman Isra Hirsi March 15 Skolstrejk för klimatet Stockholm Student climate strikes Switzerland World Economic Forum

Jack Kerouac—A Beat Pilgrim on the Road

Jack Kerouac hanging out. In 1957 Viking Press published a book that may be one of the most significant American cultural artifacts of the 20th Century— On the Road by Jack Kerouac .     It has been c

1 week ago

gary snyder New York City Jack Kerouac Merchant Marine Allen Ginsberg William S. Burroughs Beat Generation Joual Lowell Massachusetts Lucien Carr Neil Cassady On the Road scroll

White Hell on the East Coast—The Great Blizzard of 1888

Pedestrians on Broadway in New York City battled the drifts like polar explorers and improvised head gear. It’s been a hell of long bitter winter across most of the United States.   Parades of epic sn

1 week ago

New York City drifting. East Coast Great Blizzard of 1888 White Hurricane

42nd Street—Dancing and Singing Its Way into the Heart of Depression America

Break out stars Ruby Keeler and Dick Powel were well down the bill of this print add which featured Bebe Daniels. When it premiered at the Strand Theater in New York City on March 9, 1933 42nd Street

1 week ago

musical Warner Bros. 42nd Street Bebe Daniels Busby Berkley Dick Powell George Brent Ginger Rogers Guy Kibbee Ruby Keeler Una Merkle Warner Baxter