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TaglineAn ongoing, eclectic commentary on Unitarian Universalism, after retirement from active ministry--as I see it, practice it, and love it, with sidebars on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
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April 5, 2021

  RISE AGAIN, RISE AGAIN:  Transformation and Tragedy Rev. Kit Ketcham Easter, April 4, 2021 It’s been 13 months since the world, our nation, our states, our counties, our towns, our selves were force

2 weeks ago

January 18, 2021

  CHANGING OUR PERSPECTIVE ON RACISM Rev. Kit Ketcham January 17, 2021 The past couple of years have been tumultuous, not just because of the pandemic and its lockdowns, social distancing, and the pol

01/18/2021 09:10:26 PM

The Birth of Ms. Kitty

When I was married, we had an old VW bus in which we traversed Colorado and parts west and east.  My husband loved the idea of communicating with the semi drivers who plied the interstates, so he boug

05/24/2020 07:14:53 PM

What's in a Name?

When, in 1958, I came home from high school Baptist summer camp having decided to change my nickname from Betsy (from Elizabeth) to Kit (from nothing other than it was alliterative with my surname Ket

05/18/2020 12:23:12 AM

Missing Real Contact with Friends

It struck me this morning in the middle of my 7th week of quarantine that what is getting me down these days is the lack of real contact with friends.  Yes, there's Facebook and email and Messenger an

04/30/2020 04:44:03 PM