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Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen!

      Wrote this a couple of years ago. Lightly edited and reprinted… Leonard Norman Cohen was born on this day, the 21st of September, in 1934, in Westmont, an English-speaking enclave of Montreal. H

15 hours ago

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Tales of the Magical Real: Or, When a Parable and a Koan Point to the Same Place

  Once upon a time long ago and far away the sage Wonderful told a story. “In a land of the poor if a woman had ten golden coins and discovered she’d lost one, wouldn’t she do everything she could to

2 days ago

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The Day Harriet Tubman, the Woman Called Moses, Escaped to Freedom

      Araminta Ross was born a slave somewhere around 1820 in Maryland. One of vastly too many. Her life was brutal. At one time when one of her owners threw a heavy weight at another slave while she

4 days ago

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Karen Horney & the Zen Buddhist Encounter With Western Psychology

    Last year I noticed that today, the 16th of September, 1885, was the birthday of the noted Neo-Freudian psychoanalyst Karen Horney. I riffed a bit on her and her connections to Zen Buddhism, and h

5 days ago

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When I Think of Saints I think of James Chisholm

    There are lots of different reasons people are called saints. Some die witnesses for their faith. They’re called saints in lots of official calendars. Others live lives of extreme privation as exa

6 days ago

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