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King’s Chapel and It’s Prayer Book

  King’s Chapel and its Prayer Book John Harcourt Members of Saint John’s visiting Boston may have discovered King’s Chapel on Tremont Street at the foot of Beacon Hill. Those who have ventured inside

2 days ago


Recalling the Catholic Nun & Zen Master Sister Elaine MacInnis

      I’ve just learned that Sister Elaine MacInnis, Catholic nun and Zen master died yesterday, November 29th, 2022. If I did the calculations correctly, she was 99 years old. A number of years ago I

3 days ago


Salvation by Character: Recalling My Spiritual Ancestor William Ellery Channing

      William Ellery Channing was born on this day, the 29th of November in 1780, in Newport, Rhode Island. I try to acknowledge this every year. I count him as one of my more important spiritual infl

4 days ago


A Vision of William Blake: The Original Spiritual If Not Religious

          I give you the end of a golden string; Only wind it into a ball, It will lead you in at Heaven’s gate, Built in Jerusalem’s wall.  William Blake was born on this day, the 28th of November in

5 days ago


A FEAST FOR SAINTS BARLAAM & JOSAPHAT: A Meditation on Syncretisms of Several Varieties

      A FEAST FOR SAINTS BARLAAM & JOSAPHATA Meditation on Syncretisms of Several Varieties James Ishmael Ford There is a tradition. It tells us one of Jesus’ apostles, Thomas, who we know as the Doub

6 days ago