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Like a House on Fire: Thinking of the mad friar Savonarola

    It was today, the 23rd of May, in 1498, that the Dominican Friar Girolamo Savonarola was burned at the stake in Florence. He may be a bit better remembered for the falò delle vanità, the “Bonfire

21 hours ago


Recalling Harvey Milk: And the Long Winding Road to Justice

        American politician, San Francisco City Supervisor, and civil rights activist, Harvey Milk was born on this day, the 22nd of May, in 1930. I note this nearly every year. It’s important. In a m

1 day ago


Recalling Antoinette Brown Blackwell, the first woman ordained in a mainstream Protestant church

        Antoinette Louisa Brown was born, today, the 20th of May, 1825, in Henrietta, New York. She was the youngest of Abby & Jospeh Brown’s seven children. Her extraordinary intellectual capacity wa

3 days ago


A Unitarian Universalist Investigation of the Psalms

      Happy are they who know good and do good.Their love for the good feeds them continually.They are like trees planted near the river,whose roots go deep and wide. They thrive, bear fruit in season

4 days ago


Thinking of Shinran’s Buddhist Psalms

        I am in the midst of a project reflecting on the Biblical Psalms. While searching for possible Buddhist comments on them I stumbled upon S. Yamabe & L. Adams Beck’s translation of the Buddhist

6 days ago