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A Brief Pause to Recall Nestorius, Late Patriarch of Constantinople, the Church of the East, and the Luminous Religion

          According to the good folk at Wikipedia, it was on this day, the 3rd of August, in 435 that Nestorius, who’d been deposed as patriarch of Constantinople was exiled by the emperor Theodosius

3 hours ago


The Craziest Thing: The Zen Priest’s Song of Awakening

      As it happens, today, the 2nd of August is observed in the Russian Church as a feast for Basil, sometimes called the fool, sometimes called blessed, and on occasion the Wonderworker. I rather li

1 day ago


LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND: Zen & the Work of Justice

    LEAVING NO ONE BEHINND Zen & the Work of Justice Jan Seymour-Ford August 1, 2020 Empty Moon Zen Last fall I had to give a little public presentation about my beliefs and motivations. I talked abou

2 days ago


The Bodhisattva Path: A Meditation on Soto Zen’s Three Pure Precepts

      The Bodhisattva Path:A Meditation on Soto Zen’s Three Pure Precepts   James Myoun Ford The three pure precepts of Japanese Soto Zen are also known as the three root precepts, because they sink i

3 days ago


Toujours gai: Or, What to do in Hard Times

      Donald Robert Perry Marquis was born on this day, the 29th of July, in 1878. In his long career he was at one time or another a newspaper columnist, a playwright, novelist, and a poet. Today he

5 days ago