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THE MYSTERIES OF LOVE: The Three Eras of Universalism

  The Mysteries of Love The Three Eras of Universalism  A version of this was first delivered at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim, California, on Sunday, the 19th of January, 2020. Revised

11 hours ago

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Recalling the Buddhist poet and general all around trouble maker, Su Dongpo

      I wrote this last year. I thought it worth sharing again this year, with a few small edits… According to Matthew Ciolek’s Zen Buddhist Calendar today is the birthday of Su Dongpo. The listing no

2 days ago

Uncategorized Buddhist poet Su Dongpo Dongpo pork Su Tung-p'o

Zen Master Juzhi & the Matter of the Finger That Wasn’t There

Zen Master Juzhi & the Matter of the Finger that Wasn’t There James Myoun Ford Whenever the master Jinhua Juzhi was asked about the intimate matter, he simply raised one finger. One day a visitor aske

4 days ago

Uncategorized Zen koans Gutei's Finger Gateless Gate Case 3 Juzhi's finger

Eating the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: A Zen Commentary

  From 2017. Seemed worth sharing again… Eating the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good & Evil: A Zen Commentary James Ishmael Ford The Text Now the serpent was more crafty than any other wild animal that

6 days ago

Uncategorized Zen Genesis 3:1-7 Knowledge of Good and Evil

Our Original Face: A Zen Master’s Invitation

    Daido Kokushi, also Myoho Shucho, was the founding abbot of the great Rinzai Zen monastery Daitokuji. It was on this day, the 21st of January, in 1324, he was involved in a debate organized by the

6 days ago

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