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Interrupt Hate, Stand in Love (2016)

It has been a privilege to bear witness to the intelligence, compassion and solidarity spoken and felt here today at City Hall. I was born here in Oregon in the 1970s, and this is the state I have kno

06/23/2018 11:15:58 PM


Feminist Journey

I am who I am in part due to male privilege, unearned benefits and opportunities that I’ve had more access to than women and transgender persons. Every day as part of my religious life, I reflect on a

03/08/2017 03:22:31 PM

Uncategorized Organizing

Oregon’s White Struggle

   Unfolding yet again in Oregon is an epic struggle of White Americans fighting for their soul.  Unsurprisingly the media shares little of the white supremacist and xenophobic ideologies at the root

01/04/2016 12:58:33 AM


Imperialism By Many Names

Growing up solidly middle class in an American mid size town, imperialism was not something that was very evident.  As a mixed race person of color, racism and classism seemed more salient.   Naturall

01/01/2016 10:04:52 PM


The Evils of Weaponizing Campus Security Forces

The forces of fear and ignorance are alive in Portland.  The Portland State University Board has authorized arming security forces with weapons that can kill.  Check out Rebel Metropolis.  As our chil

12/12/2014 06:07:34 PM