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The Sanctification of Hiroshima

American physicist Alvin Weinberg was Director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as well as a thoughtful amateur philosopher on the implications of his own work. One of the ways he made sense of h

4 days ago

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Just Pick Something!

In Paulo Coelho’s novel, Brida, the main character says, “I’m afraid of committing myself.” Coelho writes, "She wanted to follow all possible paths and so ended up following none.” How can making comm

1 week ago

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Right or Wise Speech in a Time of Hurtful Rhetoric

News reports, social media and communications with family, friends and even strangers have been rife with malicious, harsh, judgmental, and unkind exchanges. Susan Gisler will be exploring some though

2 weeks ago

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MEGA: Make Elephants Great Again

I like The Lion King, The Monkey King, and Horton the elephant. These stories tell me about humans. When I compare the stories with the real animals, I learn even more about humans. As a child, I lear

3 weeks ago

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Tuesdays at Two in the Garden

Rev. John will hold open gathering time in the Memorial Garden circle every Tuesday afternoon starting at 2PM. Stop by and say hello, sit down for a chat. This time will be held open for drop-in visit

4 weeks ago