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For the People in the Back! A Reading List to Reduce the Racial Stupidity in Your Everyday Life

February: a month that’s too short to celebrate the centuries’ worth of contributions Black Americans made to American history—and in 2019, evidently, a hot mess of a breeding ground for racial stupid

1 day ago

white fragility Daina Berry The Price for Their Pound of Flesh Crystal Fleming How to Be Less Stupid About Race Robin DiAngelo Carol Fulp Success Through Diversity Deborah L. Plummer Some of My Friends Are...

For the Parkland School Shooting Victims, Richard Blanco’s “Seventeen Funerals”

By Richard Blanco | Seventeen suns rising in seventeen bedroom windows. Thirty-four eyes blooming open with the light of one more morning. Seventeen reflections in the bathroom mirror. Seventeen backp

1 week ago

American Society Politics and Current Events Now More Than Ever Literature and the Arts Richard Blanco How to Love a Country

Robin DiAngelo Talking White Fragility in My Town, with Security Guards

By Thomas Norman DeWolf | I looked forward to Dr. Robin DiAngelo coming to the town where I live, Bend, Oregon, since her appearance was announced a few months ago by The Nancy R. Chandler Visiting Sc

1 week ago

American Society white fragility Now More Than Ever Race and Ethnicity in America Tom DeWolf Robin DiAngelo

For CaShawn Thompson, Black Girl Magic Was Always the Truth

By Feminista Jones | Black women have endured generations of being treated, by media and community alike, as if we are unworthy of love and respect, are unattractive and undesirable, and we are expect

2 weeks ago

Feminista Jones Reclaiming Our Space

Haunted by the Story of John Bennett and Other Black Soldiers’ Lives on Death Row

By Richard A. Serrano | For years, I have carried around in my head a haunting tale—that of a handsome young black army soldier named John Arthur Bennett, and what occurred along a snowy winter creek

2 weeks ago

History American Society Race and Ethnicity in America Richard A. Serrano Summoned at Midnight