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The Shoah Foundation Inspired Me to Document the Stories and Voices of Guantánamo

By Peter Jan Honigsberg | Guantánamo, situated on a forty-five-mile spit of land on the southeastern coast of Cuba, has become more than a detention center for alleged terrorists, in reaction to the a

15 hours ago

History American Society Politics and Current Events Biography and Memoir A Place Outside the Law Peter Jan Honigsberg

What’s Missing from the Social Security Expansion Proposals

By James W. Russell | Democrats, looking forward to possible Congressional and White House victories in 2020, have embraced expanding Social Security after years of defensively fending off privatizati

4 days ago

American Society Politics and Current Events James W. Russell Social Insecurity

Mary Frances Berry Tells Trevor Noah that History Teaches Us to Resist

It’s not often that our authors appear on The Daily Show, but when they do, we flip out and rejoice! Mary Frances Berry, former Chairwoman of the US Commission on Civil Rights and a lifelong activist,

5 days ago

History activism American Society Politics and Current Events Now More Than Ever Mary Frances Berry History Teaches Us to Resist

Let’s Respond with Full Hearts to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Speeches on His Birthday

As Coretta Scott King wrote in the introduction to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Strength to Love,” “Love, truth, and the courage to do what is right should be our own guideposts on this lifelong journey

1 week ago

activism Race and Ethnicity in America A Time to Break Silence Martin Luther King, Jr. The Radical King Where Do We Go From Here? All Labor Has Dignity

Disorienting and Reorienting Our Sense of Self, Online and Offline

A Q&A with Howard Axelrod | “The Stars in Our Pockets” considers the questions I’ve wrestled with since returning from the Vermont woods: How do environments, both natural and digital, change our orie

1 week ago

American Society Literature and the Arts Howard Axelrod The Stars in Our Pockets