CAUTE — Making Footprints Not Blueprints

Tagline"These studies are outcomes rather than realised objectives. In making the journey, I have no aims. These studies are intellectual footprints, not blueprints" — H. Fingarette
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A misty, late winter, lockdowned early morning on Christ’s Pieces, Cambridge

A misty late winter lockdown early morning on Christ’s Pieces Cambridge fujifilmx100f All photos taken with a Fuji X100F Just click on a photo to enlarge

23 hours ago

Cambridge black and white photography Christ's Pieces Fuji X100F

What learning to play jazz can tell us about the need for a liberal religious discipline

My double-bass ready for action in the manse in Cambridge You can hear a recorded podcast of the following piece by clicking this link Every so often I get asked about the last line in a paragraph whi

2 days ago

Jesus Liberal Religion Cambridge Unitarian Church liberal religious commitment A. R. Ammons Gilles Deleuze Socrates Chuck Israels disicipline Jazz Education John Morgan Julian Baggini Steve Swallow

Overcoming Christianity by incorporation and verwindung

A crucifix grave marker slowly being incorporated back into the good earth  You can hear a recorded podcast of the following piece by clicking this link For many years now one of the central theologic

1 week ago

Religious Humanism Cambridge Unitarian Church Christian Atheism Heidegger Joseph Priestley Ecstatic Humanism Verwindung COVID-19 Gianni Vattimo Il pensiero debole weak thought

A liberal-religious manifesto of sorts

To create a community that, self-consciously and confidently, takes a stand on a very small number of minimal assertions which gives it its distinct flavour and shape, one which stands in meaningful,

1 week ago

Unitarian future of liberal religion Ecstatic Humanism liberal religious manifesto

OUTSTRETCHED WINGS OF THE SPIRIT—On being intelligently & devotedly religious—A Unitarian, Religious Naturalist Lent Course

This religious naturalist Lent series was first run for the Unitarian congregation in Cambridge in 2014 in which we explored Henry Nelson Wieman's thinking and religious naturalism in general. Given t

2 weeks ago

religious naturalism Cambridge Unitarian Church Henry Nelson Wieman Donald Szantho Harrington Lent course Regina Westcott Wieman