CAUTE — Making Footprints Not Blueprints

Tagline"These studies are outcomes rather than realised objectives. In making the journey, I have no aims. These studies are intellectual footprints, not blueprints" — H. Fingarette
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The Flight of the Phoenix — or what can be done to prepare for a future, post-COVID-19, time?

You can hear a podcast of this piece at the following link In the current crisis, or rather set of overlapping crises, caused or exacerbated by the pandemic, everything we are and do is effected. To b

1 week ago

Unitarian Jesus future of liberal religion Cambridge Unitarian Church Socrates Flight of the Phoenix COVID-19

Short-circuiting the parable of the mustard seed—a meditation at Harvest-time giving thanks for all the children involved in the School Strike for Climate movement

READINGS Matthew 13:31-32 (in David Bentley Hart’s translation) [Jesus] set another parable before them saying: “The Kingdom of the heavens is like a mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his fiel

2 weeks ago

Jesus John Dominic Crossan harvest David Bentley Hart Pliny the Elder Greta Thunberg schoolstrike4climate climate emergency Slavoj Žižek mustard seed

Socrates & Jesus vs the strongmen leaders

You can hear a podcast of this piece by clicking on this link At the beginning of Book VI (l. 61) of the De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things), Lucretius reminds us that, when under stress, people

3 weeks ago

Jesus Liberal Religion Lucretius Radical Enlightenment Socrates Søren Kierkegaard Boris Groys Enlightenment tradition Socratic method

Cool It

During the week an acquaintance of mine reminded me of a passage found in Bernard Williams’ (1929–2003) last book “Truth and Truthfulness” in the chapter entitled “Truthfulness, Liberalism, Critique”

4 weeks ago

democracy Jesus Facebook truth Liberal Religion Thomas Jefferson internet Cambridge Analytica Michael Oakeshott algorithms Bernard Williams Casey Newton rational dissenters truthfulness

Thinking of Jonathan Harrison—friend and philosophical mentor—on the anniversary of his birth and death

This week saw the anniversary of the death of an old friend, philosophical mentor and, in his latter years, member of this church community, Jonathan Harrison. Next Tuesday, September 22nd, would have

09/19/2020 05:46:00 PM

Ethics Lucretius Jonathan Harrison Cambridge Unitarian Church Christian Atheism