CAUTE — Making Footprints Not Blueprints

Tagline"These studies are outcomes rather than realised objectives. In making the journey, I have no aims. These studies are intellectual footprints, not blueprints" — H. Fingarette
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The freedom to be tomorrow what we are not today—Part One: A Beginning

A recorded version of the following piece is available at this link I A BEGINNING The theme of the conference for which this piece was originally written was, “Religion—Where Next?” It seems to be an

20 hours ago

nietzsche Liberal Religion future of liberal religion Thoreau free spirits archeology of morning Charles Olson Gospel according to this moment

Spring blossom in Cambridge

As many of you will know in Japan there is a long tradition of what is called “hanami” (花見), flower gazing or viewing and, over the centuries, this has inspired many poets, painters and photographers

1 week ago

spring colour photos Cambridge blossom black and white photography Fuji X100F Lee Friedlander

A mischevious spring meditation on Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall”

An unmended wall on Unst, Shetland You can hear a recorded podcast of the following piece by clicking this link I begin this bonus episode with Robert Frost’s (1874—1963) poem from 1914, “Mending Wall

2 weeks ago

spring Mending Wall Robert Frost fences walls

Adopting the role of umpire and letting the role of player go . . .

A cricket umpire signals a dismissal (Source) You can hear a recorded podcast of the following piece by clicking this link In this final episode of Series One, I’d like to draw your attention to a ten

3 weeks ago

conversation Cambridge Unitarian Church Michael Oakeshott player Rationalism in Politics umpire COVID-19

Cancelling my subscription to the Resurrection and truly living the death of God

Time Magazine, Easter 1966 You can hear a recorded podcast of the following piece by clicking this link My personal commitment to a version of Christian atheism began in the mid- to late 1970s during

04/03/2021 04:32:00 PM

nietzsche Buddhism Easter Good Friday Resurrection William Blake Thomas J. J. Altizer Death of God Dietrich Bonhoeffer Don Cupitt Hegel Kyoto School Keiji Nishitani Mark C. Taylor Solar Ethics