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Tagline"These studies are outcomes rather than realised objectives. In making the journey, I have no aims. These studies are intellectual footprints, not blueprints" — H. Fingarette
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The Lestrygonians, Cyclopes and angry Poseidon are real and prowling once again through our world — a critical re-reading of Cavafy’s “Ithaca” on the twentieth anniversary of my ministry with the Cambridge Unitarians

The last three Cambridge ministers, l. to r. John McLachlan (1967-1976) Frank Walker (1976-2000) Andrew Brown (2000-) This Sunday, twenty years ago, I became the minister of the Cambridge Unitarian Ch

2 days ago

Cambridge Unitarian Church intra-action C. P. Cavafy Ithaca

A set of sepia photos taken in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

A set of sepia photos taken in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden All taken with a Fuji X100F (using the sepia  setting) Just click on a photo to enlarge it  

6 days ago

Cambridge University Botanic Garden black and white photography Fuji X100F monochrome sepia tone

There is no going back, and no going outside of this event — we can only go forward into the new world that is always-already intra-actively emerging before us

The Cambridge Unitarian Church taken last Tuesday afternoon Back on Saturday 28th March, one week into the official lockdown but two weeks into our our own church’s closure, I wrote a piece for you ca

1 week ago

new materialism Michael Oakeshott Karen Barad coronavirus COVID-19 intra-action SARS-CoV-2 lockdown

The Left, the Party and the Class—An essay on the future of the Labour left by Paul Mason

Paul Mason (source) This new essay by Paul Mason seems to me to be an important, thoughtful, measured & practical set of suggestions to all of us on the left, whether in the Labour Party or not. Thank

1 week ago

class leftist politics Labour Party Paul Mason Gramsci

Sick of Surkov meddling in our politicians' brains . . . a disturbing thought following the publication of the "Russia Report"

I’ve been very concerned for a while now about the methods employed by Vladislav Surkov, one of Vladimir Putin’s senior advisors and how those methods are clearly being deployed here in the UK, either

1 week ago

Vladimir Putin Fake News Byline Times disinformation Hardeep Matharu Russia Report Vladimir Isachenkov Vladislav Surkov