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Avoiding Advent

By the logic of the Roman-based Christian liturgical year, October 17 should have been the perfect date for my wife to have died. We were days away from Samhain, when the veil between living and dead

12/05/2018 01:06:59 PM

civil religion

Rewriting the U.S. Constitution: A View from the Left

Over the past few years activists on the right have quietly been obtaining support from various state legislators to call another constitutional convention and get our country a new constitution. Ther

11/26/2018 01:49:03 PM


Connecting the Secrets

Up here in Burlington, Vt, members of our community are revealing personal struggles based in tormenting practices visited on them while they inhabited an orphanage run by the Roman Catholic archdioce

09/25/2018 03:59:15 PM


Back to Church

September has finally gotten my attention, enough that I plan to leave my disabled wife at home with her caregiver and take myself to church tomorrow. Not the local UU society to which I belong and pl

09/22/2018 06:43:22 PM


June 29, 2018

One of the nicest guys in major league baseball is retired catcher and newscaster David Ross. “Rossie” to everyone. But he has a saying, which others like to quote: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weak

06/29/2018 10:55:21 AM