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Truths of Poverty: The Poor People’s Campaign

The Preamble of the United States Constitution (you can say it along with me, if you like): We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domesti

5 days ago

Stories Sermons and Homilies Spiritual Community Spiritual Growth and Development Social Issues Vocation and Calling Rev. Dr. William Barber II Dr. King Poor People's Campaign Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis Nancy Isenberg Resurrection City

If There Is to Be Peace: Peace in the Home

My topic today is “peace in the home,” and the clip we saw earlier from that classic holiday movie “A Christmas Story” zooms us straight to the heart of it. Family space is crowded space, crowded with

2 weeks ago


If There Is to Be Peace: Peace in the Cities

Gandhi once called poverty “the worst form of violence.” The exact opposite of peace.  Why did he say that?  Let’s take a look at a video that might help us begin to understand. Our narrator is scient

03/10/2019 12:42:41 PM

poverty Stories Sermons and Homilies Spiritual Growth and Development Social Issues Stewardship Langston Hughes Vocation and Calling Barbara Ehrenreich Bill Bolling Franz de Wall ovarian lottery

If There is to Be Peace: Peace in the Nations

The African tribe of Yoruba likes to tell this ancient story about its trickster God Eshu:  One day Eshu began a journey wearing a hat, red on one side, white on the other. Making not a sound he walke

03/03/2019 02:18:40 PM

Stories Sermons and Homilies Social Issues science and religion Relationships and Communications Yoruba authoritarian nationalism behavioral immune system cosmopolitanism disgustology Eshu right-wing populism

Beautiful Music of Universalism: For All That Is Our Life

For all that is our life we sing our thanks and praise; for all life is a gift which we are called to use to build the common good and make our own days glad. For Unitarian Universalist theologian Reb

02/17/2019 02:21:23 PM

Unitarian Universalism god Universalism Stories trauma Sermons and Homilies Spiritual Community Spiritual Growth and Development Social Issues Rebecca Parker paradise perfectionism World Religions Rita Nakashima Brock empire authoritarianism Jane Leade