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In closing yesterday

Devin "Don't have a cow" Nunes' closing statement derided "today's show trial" [sic] and also that they were all going to be next "hiding behind closed doors" to interview "more witnesses." "I hate to

4 hours ago

Real-time self-impeachment

Day two of the public impeachment hearings the GOP pretended to demand, and now you have to wonder. We did not see it end-to-end, but we did happen to be watching live when THIS JUST IN, the President

20 hours ago

On the record

Last year, I enjoyed some time in the legal system, working as an expert witness for technology that I worked on 20 years ago. One thing made clear up front was that I'd be paid by the hour, and regar

3 days ago

If you think education is expensive...

This Idaho Ed News headline is a model of brevity in synopsis: Despite data showing otherwise, legislator says all students are ready for kindergarten. The "background and context" bullet list had thi

4 days ago

Foistered on his own putter

Are you not entertained? Congressman Mark Meadows telling us "the Republicans are not struggling on anything!" It's a walk in the park. Lindsey Graham defending the administration's "policy" toward th

1 week ago