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Not to put too fine a point on it

Shep Smith's head is quietly exploding, on the non-propaganda side of Fox News . "As if he doesn't know the difference between lunch with the Queen of England and stuff coming from a Russian translato

1 week ago

Slight misstatements

We no longer have that nagging question few of us had really thought to consider a few years back: what would it be like to have a genuinely immoral, self-absorbed tyrant with utter contempt for the l

1 week ago

Uninformed healthcare consumption

Neither of the members of the household are big on consuming, which generally is a good thing. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" expresses a common goal of staying out of the system (as well as t

1 week ago

Lessons from the Mueller Report, continued

Really, just reading highlights would be instructive. Rep. Ted Deutch, Democrat of FL-22 works that angle at 1:50-ish of the 4:25 C-SPAN video. After the president has told McGahn to fire the Special

1 week ago

Lessons from the Mueller Report, Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes

That was the full title recited by the House Judiciary Committee chairman, introducing yesterday's hearing. ICYMI, it's about a direct attack on our democratic process. The Special Counsel's team did

1 week ago