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Saving our planet

Project Drawdown is one of the best (or maybe the best) thing going assessing "what can be done," and anything that gets people interested in responding to the planetary crisis we've got ourselves int

1 day ago

Back to the future

It's probably not that interesting to my regular reader (a wholly fictional concept, of course), but these occasional spam attempts to get me to incorporate someone else's content here fascinate me. T

1 week ago

Hell in a handbasket

Reading about Saudi Aramco saying it's "ready" for an initial public offering (without a definition of what such an IPO would be, or anything actually planned in that regard) brought to mind an old ch

1 week ago

Now for something completely different

Most of the news is bad news, because, well, we feel like we need to know about bad things happening, for our own protection, right? Most of the time, this is an error in judgement, because bad news c

2 weeks ago

Hot enough for you?

One moment on a train ride in 1981 has stuck in my mind. I don't remember there being a dining car, but there was a snack car, where you could buy cold sandwiches and what-not. Attempting friendly con

2 weeks ago