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Daily outrages

Here's a bad habit: checking Twitter first thing in the morning. I had to laugh at one post, though: @thistallawkgirl, a.k.a. Marie Connor, kicked it off straight up: "Good morning, Twitter! So, what

12/05/2019 07:49:02 PM

Donald Laughingstockings

It's hard to remember what the first half of this decade was like, sometimes. Aaron Blake's brief history of world leaders laughing at Trump leads with Trump's own obsession with the subject. “The wor

12/04/2019 09:38:01 PM

The Bizarro President

Every measure of normalcy is broken. With the so-far stalwart complicity of the Republican party as a bloc, our unitary executive is leveraging his career experience as a serial bankrupt, cultural ign

12/04/2019 04:33:33 PM

The new crusaders

Twenty-three years ago June, Carl Sagan's book The Demon-Haunted World had been on the NYT nonfiction best seller list for three weeks, and was up to no. 14. "The astronomer argues against beliefs tha

12/02/2019 02:58:34 AM

Two elections away from a solution

The good news is, there's a smart way forward. The bad news is, we're not there yet. William Hsiao, healthcare economist and the guy who designed Taiwan's national health care system in the 1990s, "an

12/01/2019 05:53:32 PM