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That did not go well

It's all upside for Jim Risch, aka Senator James Risch (R-Idaho), aka the newly minted chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and professed "friend" of the president. "I really give the Pres

1 day ago

Stop the insanity

The videorecorded super-chill reception our vice president and chief toady Mike Pence received from the Munich Security Conference is making the rounds for comedic effect, but it's not quite so laugha

3 days ago

The deregulation boon

I was a week late getting to the print version of the story about the Brazilian tailings dam that collapsed, killing more than 150 people. I see online, it's an interactive feature, starting with a sh

4 days ago

Headlines that disappoint

The daily mail from LinkedIn inspires that title; they often succeed in a luring first line (aka "clickbait"), but what's on the other end has failed to deliver so often, I'm skipping the whole thing

4 days ago

Gimme that old time religion

There's a long list of things like to make your head explode this week, but how about nearly half— half! —of what's left of people who will call themselves Republicans so embedded in their cognitive d

1 week ago