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Mike Crapo, all in (the swamp)

Idaho's senior US Senator still has a National Debt ticker spinning on top his news releases, either a sad remnant of when he used to rail against deficit spending, or a proud tabulation of his party'

8 hours ago

Witness to history

I did not watch yesterday's stand-up routine delivered by Donald Trump's Roy Cohn, the current Attorney General of the United States, live yesterday, but did see Judy Woodruff's lead piece on last nig

9 hours ago

Just one small revelation

Remember that good old day when Attorney General William Barr wrote that summary that wasn't really a summary (he said later), but just kind of a sneak preview ? And he quoted from the Special Counsel

1 day ago

See Scott Grow

Betsy Russell's blog has the closing synopsis from one of Idaho's least distinguished representatives, Sen. C. Scott Grow of Eagle, four paragraphs trying to explain himself, and identify the scapegoa

1 day ago

The handmaid's tale

British investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr with a must-see talk from TED2019: Facebook's role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy. She says she spent a year to get Christopher Wylie to go

2 days ago