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What if the news really is fake?

This Monday's Frank Church Institute conference at BSU ("DEMOCRACY in an AGE of ANXIETY: Russian Intrusion, Chinese Confrontation, Populist Disruption") including an array of presentations, panels, an

3 hours ago

What next in Syria?

The chaos of civil war has never had an obvious way forward. The Bush II administration showed us the limits of regime change. The majority of people in the U.S. tired of our latest two decades of fig

7 hours ago

Bringing the news to life

I dreamt I was reading news about witnesses to events in Turkey, some of whom had created a play, and there was a government-censored version of the play with a hyperlink to the video of that. Then I

1 day ago

Bungled personnel maneuver

That pithy phrase from Inside Trump's Botched Attempt to Hire Trey Gowdy makes a convenient executive summary of the Trump administration, and brings to mind Michael Lewis' book about the transition t

3 days ago

Gimme that old time religion

Since it's Sunday, time to get some religion. I was piqued by Charles M. Blow's tweet-length personal summary of "my views on religion": "Human beings needed something to explain the things they could

5 days ago