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God talks to Herbert Davis through this blog.

Herb Davis told his neighbor Roger Burns that God is communicating to him through the UU A Way Of Life blog. At first Roger didn't believe it until Herb mentioned a few things about the ideas he found

18 hours ago

Holy Humor

The Spiritual Life - Peace and joy come from forgiveness and understanding.

Peace and joy come from forgiveness and understanding. Peace and joy is one of the components of spiritual health. Rather than fear, anger, resentment, grievance, and/or bitterness does the person exp

1 day ago

The Spiritual Life series

The moral Unitarian Universalist - the racist criminal justice system in the U.S.

"My son-in-law is a police officer and he isn't like that! He's a good man." Common defense of white people of a system badly in need of reform. Such defensive comments exemplify a total lack of under

1 day ago

The Moral Unitarian Univeralist

Asking for the end of unrest and protests is asking for the continuation of social injustice.

In too many nice UU meetings where people start getting upset, people get scared and tell the people speaking vociferously, "This isn't the place for this!. If you keep this up, I'm leaving." How many

1 day ago

The Spiritual Life - What is spiritual health?

What is spiritual health? Spiritual health is not usually named as a thing. Human beings are much more likely to talk about physical health, mental health, financial health, public health, community h

3 days ago

The Spiritual Life series