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Recording: Preparing for Pride - a webinar for religious professionals

As UU congregations are increasingly being targeted by right wing hate, we anticipate an uptick in attention and disruptive tactics heading into Pride month. In this informal space for religious profe

6 days ago

webinar UPLIFT Action

Recording for Abolitionist Visions on Climate Justice

Imagine it's 2050 and we've achieved all of our wildest hopes for climate justice...what does it look like? The abolitionist movement imagines a future without police and prisons, drawing on deep conv

1 week ago


Recording for Skill Up: What Do Impacted Communities Need? How Would I Know!?

As local governments are wielding extreme power over weak and vulnerable people, we need to be efficient and precise in our efforts to fight back and protect at-risk communities. Oftentimes, those who

2 weeks ago

Skill Ups

We can imagine collapse - can we imagine renewal?

I love a good post-apocalyptic story.  I grew up on movies like Mad Max,  BladeRunner, and Soylent Green.  When Cli-Fi (Climate Fiction) became a named genre, I was elated to find a host of books cura

2 weeks ago

Climate Justice

How UU Congregations Can Access IRA Funds for Clean Energy Solutions - Webinar Recording & Resources

Are you wondering if Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funds can transform your congregation? They can! With 30% direct pay options for churches and nonprofits, IRA funds present a great opportunity for U

2 weeks ago

webinar Climate Justice