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10 resources for very small churches

Derek Parker, a friend and minister, responded to my request for what I might write for this blog. This is a list I drew up over lunch, in no particular order. What would you add? Training manuals and

2 days ago


Unitarian Christian worship online

I was noodling around some British Unitarian websites and noticed the Unitarian Christian Association has worship at 6pm Sundays on Zoom … perfect as a Sunday morning service for much of North America

3 days ago

Worship World Unitarianism and Universalism

New in church formation?

I was reading a work of biblical interpretation from 2002 which referred to the house churches of the early Christian era. Memories of then-chic church planting came back, almost accusingly. Were new

1 week ago

Church development

Old UUA directories

I was musing with friends about the size and fate of congregations and so looked up some data in an old UUA directory. The old print versions have been digitized and are online, if you ever need to lo

1 week ago

Unitarian Universalist Association

Lovely examples of order of service?

Another request. I’m looking for lovely samples of orders of service. Necessarily available in a downloadable format online, and preferably from a small church (of whatever stripe) or one that works w

2 weeks ago

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