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Peeking in on the United Universalist Convention, 1939

Eighty years ago today, the United Universalist Convention began at the Universalist National Memorial Church, Washington, D.C. It’s my home church, so a moment of pride. The convention was not for th

10/17/2019 02:40:41 AM

Universalist history District of Columbia UNMC

The most important part in “Am I Still…”

Yesterday, Unitarian Universalist minister and writer Kate Braestrup wrote an article called “Am I Still a Unitarian Universalist Minister?” Comments pro and con (so far as I’m algorithmically allowed

10/13/2019 08:14:22 PM

Unitarian Universalist Association UUMA Todd Eklof

Reformed Communion service using tumblers

I feel wholly proper for suggesting using a Japanese titanium beer tumbler for the Lord’s Supper now that I’ve read Andrew Spicer’s “The Material Culture of the Lord’s Supper. Adiaphora, Beakers and C

10/09/2019 01:59:17 AM


Sermon: “Memory”

I preached this sermon at Universalist National Memorial Church, on October 6, 2019 with the lectionary texts from the First Letter to Timothy and the Gospel of Luke. Memory I would like to thank Past

10/06/2019 11:04:42 PM


Cooling off from September

It been quite a month. A new article posted every day, and going back into August. But it’s not sustainable: making sure there’s something here every day keeps me from researching and writing deeper p

09/30/2019 02:00:17 PM

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