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Toumey oak in progress / almost done

I don’t want to stop spending time with this leaf, so I’ll continue tomorrow. May 22: Here’s today’s progress. It’s pretty much done, but I want to get some distance–literally and figuratively–and tom

1 day ago

drawings A leaf a day

Little white dots . . .

I am drawing a gray oak leaf (Quercus grisea) and loving the white fuzz on it. Actually drawing it, on the other hand . . . I have to look at how people draw textures like this, because drawing in a z

5 days ago

A leaf a day

Mexican blue oak

Trees don’t pay any mind to human boundaries, and this species of oak lives along either side of the border in Arizona and New Mexico, USA, and Sonora and Chihuahua, México.

5 days ago

drawings A leaf a day


Manzanita doesn’t grow on the East Coast, where I grew up. Now when I see it during a hike–which is more often than not–I am delighted. I love the dark red bark, whose traces you can see here in the p

6 days ago

drawings A leaf a day

Salix hookeriana

1 week ago

drawings A leaf a day