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More daily drawings

After drawing the above two–and keeping up a streak of drawing daily–I fell ill with a bug whose main effect was to drain me of energy so that it was hard even to stay sitting up for long. So I didn’t

1 day ago

art journal drawings Oaxaca

Drawing complex images

Recent sketches have brought me face to face with a big challenge in my drawing: how to portray very complex, detailed objects without showing every detail and while still conveying their general appe

5 days ago

art journal drawings Oaxaca

Drawing every day

During vacation, I’m managing to do what I did earlier this spring for a few months and draw for at least a few minutes every day. Can I make a daily habit of it once I’m back into the swing of work?

6 days ago


Drawing, Oaxaca

We are back in Oaxaca, Mexico, for three weeks. The fruit bowl has been calling to me. Advertisements

1 week ago


Pattern pages

I had a kaleidoscope pattern in my office window that I’d made during one of the sessions of Exploring Mind, Hands, Spirit and Heart through Art I lead monthly. Dan Harper, our Associate Minister for

03/25/2019 09:12:57 PM

Art UUCPA patterns