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Pattern pages

I had a kaleidoscope pattern in my office window that I’d made during one of the sessions of Exploring Mind, Hands, Spirit and Heart through Art I lead monthly. Dan Harper, our Associate Minister for

3 weeks ago

Art UUCPA patterns

Two practices

Once again I’m undertaking a daily spiritual practice for several weeks. I’ve called it a Lenten practice in the past, but I’ve become uncomfortableb doing so, out of respect for Christians. I don’t t

3 weeks ago

Art Spiritual practices White Supremacy

The real Green Book

Black History Month, day 16 (sigh . . . I am not cut out for daily blogging) I have no interest in seeing yet another movie whose chief interest in racism is how it affects white people. That’s okay n

02/26/2019 06:20:51 AM

movies Black History Month countering racism Green Book

February 21

There may come a year when February 21 passes without my remembering that my late ex-husband was born on this day, but this is not such a year. I think of him and how old he would be: 52 this year–so

02/22/2019 08:12:38 AM


White liberals in the mid-1800s

Black History Month, day 16 At the time of its rediscovery in 1981, Our Nig was the earliest known novel written and published by a black woman in the United States. I learned about it at a lecture by

02/22/2019 06:44:40 AM

Books Black History Month countering racism Harriet Wilson