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Bishop pine

10 hours ago

drawings A leaf a day

Compound leaf

What a liberating example Janet set with her year of butterflies! When she was very tired or didn’t get to her drawing until very late in the day, she would draw one freehand. Here’s my equivalent, do

1 day ago

drawings A leaf a day

Monterey pine

How does one show this needlesl’s tiny white dots and squiggles using colored pencil on white paper? With difficulty, and eventually impatience and a quick end to the attempt. Sometimes I’m just too t

3 days ago


Knobcone pine

Native from southwestern Oregon to Baja California. From the Audobon guide: “The whorls of many knobby, closed cones help identify this species. Since the cones may become imbedded within the wood of

5 days ago

drawings A leaf a day

Southwestern white pine

Still not done with the cross-section, but here’s a more distant view of some needles of a different species.

1 week ago

drawings A leaf a day