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Painting, stage two

Here’s the painting I started on August 19 (L) and its second stage, done today (R). The difference in color is mostly from the light in the room where I took the photos.   Advertisements

3 weeks ago




3 weeks ago


Painting, Oaxaca

Our last day in Mexico, last month, I took a photo of this window, whose multiple layers caught my eye. I drew it almost immediately, but could tell it really wanted to be a painting. I hardly ever pa

08/20/2019 04:57:02 AM

Oaxaca paintings

Doing the worst first (more struggles against procrastination)

In my struggles with the bugbear Procrastination, it helps to post little successes. So here’s a recent one: knocking off a small but important, and for whatever reason, dreaded, task first thing ever

08/13/2019 08:07:22 PM


False equivalence and mass murder

The Trump-is-never-wrong crowd is trying a new tactic: pointing out that the occasional mass murderer favors a different candidate than Trump, or a different philosophy than the right-wing, anti-immig

08/08/2019 03:10:17 AM