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Pooing (For Me It Is Now A Whole Different Experience)

Since my colon was removed, do to ulcerative colitis and A j-pouch was formed from part of my small intestine Pooing, for me it is now a whole different experience One that takes longer then for colon

5 days ago

poems serious poems poem Surgery serious colitis body dysphoria colon j-pouch pooing

You Can Be Your Authentic Self

It’s tablets, new hormone and blocker Coursing through your body causing your Old hormone to be repressed and Your outer appearance to begin feminizing Then it’ll be the bottom surgery Bottom surgery

3 weeks ago

poems Family serious poems poem true self identity self-love serious gender identity love poems HRT transgender female transgender poems gender transition

(She Saw) His Reflection

She saw his reflection staring back at her It was on her own merrier again today She uses it to help shave her face And shaving her face help her erase him And he’s the vary result of what she … Conti

01/15/2019 08:40:56 PM

poems serious poems poem true self identity health care self-love gender identity HRT trans health care transgender female transitioning transgender poems gender dysphoria sriouse

Announcing, “Alien Landscapes Volume Two”!

I am taking a little pause from posting my poetry so I can bring you an announcement. I am proud to announce that my fourth soundscape album called “Alien Landscapes Volume Two” has dropped via my Ban

01/14/2019 02:28:25 PM

album announcement ambient music electronic music space music Bandcamp soundscapes

Announcing, “Alien Landscape Number Forty-eight”!

I am taking a brake from posting my original poetry, to share here with you a new soundscape of mine called “Alien Landscape Number Forty-eight”. It will be included, in higher quality, as the sixth t

11/18/2018 11:29:50 AM

announcement ambient music electronic music SoundCloud soundscape space music