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People of Faith and Conscience Must Commit to Justice for Black Lives

It is never too late to commit to fighting for justice in the face of racism and oppression.

2 hours ago

news Advocacy & Mobilizing

“People Need to Know What is Happening to Us Here”: Two Alaska Villages Face a Climate Emergency

Melting permafrost, land erosion, and heavy rains are causing these villages to flood and sink

1 week ago

news Grassroots Partnerships

Bahamians Cope with a Second Disaster as COVID-19 Spreads

Communities rally together in the face of Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19.

2 weeks ago

news Grassroots Partnerships

Frontline Immigrant Workers Are Keeping Us All Safe

TPS holders and all workers deserve protections in the next coronavirus relief bill.

3 weeks ago


Pivoting with Our Partners: UUSC Centers Partnerships in the Midst of Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for steady and evolving relationships to face human rights challenges.

3 weeks ago

Advocacy & Mobilizing Grassroots Partnerships